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So as someone from the Philippines who actively lurks the forum everyday, I keep noticing that a lot of things I see happening on the ground are not visible on the forum. As someone from the self-proclaimed social media capital of the world where a majority of the population is still coming online I think there are a lot of takeaways we can offer most Warriors. For one, our path to coming online is markedly different.

For starters I think Facebook is way bigger here compared to most people in the West. This is something I see as well when I travel. Here, for (pulled out of my ass number) 50% of people online, the Internet = Facebook. Due to relatively slow internet adoption in the first dotcom era, there is very low expectation here that a shop will have a website and if it did it will have up to date information. On the other hand, small burger shacks will and do have a Facebook page WITH updated hours of operation and menus.

Anyway I'd love to write these things up if there is interest. I think most warriors will find it very interesting how hustlers here promote their businesses.
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    I think it would be fascinating to know how other countries use the internet. When companies in the US were just waking up to the potential of 'an online presence', Facebook wasn't around yet.

    If we want to run 'global businesses' we need to know what the global reach is in other countries. Great idea!
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      Yeah that's a big deal. All these businesses here are getting online when
      - Facebook is already big
      - Mobile first is a reality
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    dont think do then see if it was profitable later i think your on to something
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    Sounds interesting. I can't imagine it would be all that much different, but selling based on benefit would be even more important. I would also imagine that the price would be critical as well.
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    On the other hand, small burger shacks will and do have a Facebook page WITH updated hours of operation and menus.
    Same situation here in Portugal. Most stores and businesses don't have a website, just a facebook page.
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