I'm looking for advice on my image branding technology

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I've done a lot of work creating software which enables the user to create branded images, it's Windows software

In addition I've made a website that can hold the templates created. With one click I can upload any template:


I've made one just now and put it onto the website which anybody can now access, you can see that all the end user has to do is change the text (and in this case the image too, but I have uploaded another Warrior Forum template that doesn't have an image)

The image at the bottom of the post is from cardfile.uk and took me seconds to get (edit, save to desktop, add to this article)

So, my business idea is that there must be so many people who want to add images to online content, article headers, footers, links and just social media posts, but they'd rather someone else do the designing and give them the graphic in a way that they can re-use it forever?

I'm struggling to think of the best way to push it, I've started just following hundreds of people on twitter every day (@CardFileUk), my question is, do you think there is a business in this technology (of which I own the lot), and if so, how do I go about monetizing it?

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    The service looks cool but as someone who officially works for the Warrior Forum, gonna request that you don't use our copyrights (the logo specifically) .

    As for the "text on image" service, there is definitely a market for this. Off the top of my head, people working on social media who need to create lots of text on images. See this article
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    Thanks, I will take down the Warrior design, just wanted to show how it works, apologies to WF for the minor infringement, the website doesn't have any traffic yet so it won't have been seen by anyone

    My thoughts are that this day and age the caption image is really popular, so i have the tech but I'm at square one with marketing.

    Appreciate the responses, will remove the WF design in the next hour
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