How to generate leads organically

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How can I generate organic leads apart from blog commenting, forum, web 2.0, e-books, SlideShare, webinars? Can any of you help me out with the ideas, effective strategy for generating leads organically? Is there any new methods for driving the organic traffic & lead generation.
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    If you are looking for FREE ways?

    You are just going to find the same methods that have been shared since like 10 years ago. The point isn't to find "new" ways ... it's to find a proven way that works for you.

    So ...

    Do some digging. Find a site similar to yours. Track down how they get their traffic. Do a similar thing.

    If you find that one of your competitors gets most of their leads through Instagram ... you might want to try Instagram.

    And try it until it works.

    That's where most people go wrong.

    They try it a couple of times ... the same exact way ... it doesn't work ... so they declare it's useless.

    But ...

    The same lists of where to get traffic have been floating around the web for as long as I've been on it ...

    There's almost never some "new way" ...

    A new site might pop up.

    But it will almost always fall into the same category as existing sites. So sure, there may be a new social media site in the next year or 2 ... maybe ...

    But it won't be a "new way" ...

    It will just be another social media thing.

    It's about putting in the work. When I started online, I went with EzineArticles. I wouldn't do that today, of course.

    But even back then ...

    I got to like 80-100 leads a day within a couple months on EZA ...

    And there were plenty of Warriors at the time who said, EZA was a waste of time. Why? They put up one article .... got one click ...

    And that was it.


    I tested till those articles got 40% click throughs ... and I'll admit ... I put out 5-10 articles a day every day.

    I was "full time" after about 30 days.

    That strategy won't work today.

    But there are people who ... figure out Instagram in 30 days ... and go full time. The difference is? The put their work in. They do what works. Over and over again.

    They don't care what folks on a forum would say about that strategy.

    I posted on here when I had about 3 months in ... a long time ago ... about my EZA success. Lol. I got nasty replies about how I didn't have a "real business" and all that.

    But you know what?

    AirBNB spammed Craigslist like crazy.

    It's what you do with the leads you get that determines if you have a business or not.

    So get them any way you can (legally of course) and that means ... test the proven methods. Make it work for you. Don't give up in a day. And move onto the next one.

    You don't have to spam.

    But what some folks call spam ... is just good marketing.

    There are folks on here who would say ... this was when all the "article marketers" were here ... they would say that blogging daily was spam.


    That was their personal definition.

    Who cares?

    Find a method, test it to the fullest. If it works, work it to the fullest. If it doesn't move on. But there are no new "magical" ways to get leads.

    And when you get tired of the free ways ... or you want to scale ... or you want to jump into a new market and get sales week 1?

    Then you have to go with Paid.

    It's a good move to make.

    P.S. It also depends on the market. Some markets, PPC is the best way to go, bar none. Other markets, Social Media is, bar none. There's no one answer. You have to test. test. test.

    Put that work in.

    Find folks who know how to get leads. Don't get jealous like most people do. Instead, get curious ... figure out how they are doing it.

    Do it yourself.

    P.P.S. Also - focus on lead quality as much as possible. When I was getting 80-100 leads from EZA, probably 50% of them were junk leads in that they were never going to buy. So I still got 40-50 quality leads. But when I learned to get leads from other sources that had higher quality traffic ...

    I needed a lot less to make the same money.

    Like, with PPC. You can get all Tier One. So what you might need (in volume) can drop dramatically to make the same money.

    So ...

    It's possible to make more with 10 leads from PPC than 30 leads from a free source where a lot of the leads are just never going to buy a thing.

    You also have to weight that out.

    But be a little aggressive. Don't be timid about getting leads. That's what slows most folks down. They are real timid.

    So even when they find a good source, they don't go full throttle.

    They go like 20% throttle.
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    I tend to use my blog, which has some excellent training attached to it : )

    Outside of that that I use viral mailers, trraffic exchanges, linkedin, google+ and YouTube, all of whic hI have found work really well

    Hope this helps
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    A little bit of an oxymoron. no ??

    If you are doing it organically then it should be natural like writing Content and sharing and spreading it to your audience.

    You can do this by blogging and publishing your Content and then pinging it.

    You can go other to other Sites and do blog commenting leaving a very non-intrusive link at the end of your relevant comment
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    What niche are you pursuing, if I may ask? Publishing high quality content consistently is the always the way to go You can also try email marketing and try going after you competitors to see how they strategize and nail the whole thing. -Micah
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    Thank you, friends. But still, i have used youtube, linkedin, PPC, emailers, hosted articles in mediums like EzineArticles. But anything "new" can you suggest that really work in generating organic leads.
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      Originally Posted by Naveen Putta View Post

      Thank you, friends. But still, i have used youtube, linkedin, PPC, emailers, hosted articles in mediums like EzineArticles. But anything "new" can you suggest that really work in generating organic leads.
      Slow down. Re-read my first post. There is NOTHING new. You have to work the things that work.

      The faster you get that?

      The faster you get results.

      My example of EzineArticles wasn't to tell you to use EZA. I wouldn't recommend that now, in 2018, to my worst enemy. It was to tell you my true story which conflicted with what a lot of the consensus was on Warrior Forum at the time.

      That was then.

      This is now.

      Right now?
      • There are people driving more than enough leads with just YouTube. How are they doing it?
      • There are people driving more than enough leads with PPC. How are they doing it?
      • There are people driving more than enough leads with Social Media. How are they doing it?
      There is no miracle.

      There is no "secret site" that's going to answer your prayers.

      Waiting on a miracle ... waiting on the "secret site" ... will put you out of business. FAST.

      The world rewards ACTION.

      The world rewards folks who look at what works ... and finds a way to make it work for them.

      The world does NOT reward people who search for what DOESN'T exist.

      P.S. Anytime you are looking for "secrets" and "magic" and that sort of thing? It's because you feel hopeless and powerless. It's akin to someone hating their job and hoping that the lottery is going to be their ticket out of that job. For most people, that's not going to be the answer.
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  • There are some ways to get leads for free and organically.

    Drive free leads from Youtube, but it will take a while.

    Use free FB groups and you can have a lot of leads if you have a very targeted niche.

    The traffic in FB groups can be very targeted if done right.
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    Generating leads for free takes a lot of time, it is a slow method. Personally, I have received great results (about 2+ leads per day) by using an optin page on It is one of the oldest TE´s with over 1.4 million members. Maybe it is worth checking out.

    With traffic exchanges, the key to generating leads is to have a unique optin page and a really great offer.
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    In late 1987 - 1988 there was something that started appearing around London where I was living at the time.

    It was a London Underground logo with S-Express in it instead of the normal station name.

    It was promoting a new sound, a new beat, an acid house beat. but that was not apparent when these images started showing up

    The viral "Organic" growth was initiated by this image and the track it signified.

    "Enjoy this trip"

    The trip was crafted and the image was congruent and the combination of leverage exerted its fullest force on driving organic traffic to this "launch"

    Organic starts with an idea.

    Organic starts with a belief in abundance.

    Organic thrives when you nurture your content.

    This is the same as organic farming.

    It takes creation, nurture and weeding to grow a successful crop.

    No different online.

    You sow seeds (micro-content)

    You nurture those seeds (send it love via additions and sharing yourself)

    You prune and build on what flourishes and cull what looks sick.

    After all that you harvest your crop.

    OH.... you keep records of what worked under what conditions and then you repeat and replicate.

    Best regards,

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    Apart from your techniques you can generate leads from these techniques

    Social Media
    Classified ads
    Local Listing
    Press Release
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    i would just use something easy like using Easyhits4U site to get leads

    i dont have time to muck around with social media and things like that to get traffic and leads.
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    Organic leads could be generated by posting blogs and Articles on high authority sites. Social Media is also best option for increasing traffic. Facebook , instagram, Linkedin and twitter are highly used platform. Trying this in right way will definitely show good result.
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    Anyone mentioned to Reddit? I believe Reddit is something trending right now.
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    6 Surefire Ways to Generate Organic Leads and Increase Traffic
    1. Do Keyword Research
    2. Publish Regular, Consistent, Helpful Content
    3. Understand Your Personas
    4. Create Lots of Compelling Conversion Points
    5. Add Video to Your Website and Blog
    6. Leverage Social Media
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    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best to generate leads in a less time.
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    I generate highly targeted leads with blogging and SEO. Buying traffic using Google AdWords is another option.
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    Hi Naveen,

    Toss in guest posting buddy; then do those other things with the right energy.

    Cease looking for new. Focus on old skool, proven methods. Because those methods work well.

    Help people. Detach from outcomes. Be a servant. You'll be A-OK dude.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Have you done any advertising?

    The "free" method is actually much slower, massively time-consuming and produces lower quality visitors.
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    Follow these steps to generate lead organically.

    1)Do Keyword Research
    2)Publish Regular, Consistent, Helpful Content
    3)Understand Your Audience
    4)Create Lots of Compelling Conversion Points
    5)Add Video to Your Website and Blog
    6)Leverage Social Media
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