How Do I Stream Camtasia Videos From Amazon S3?

by FlyingQuokka 12 replies

I've made some Camtasia training videos that are quite large in size, so I would like to store them on Amazon S3 and have them streamed from there. However, I'm having quite a problem trying to figure out how to specify the url to the videos stored in my S3 bucket.

Unfortunately, the S3 manuals only give examples of how to dynamically retrieve files from the buckets from within code. With Camtasia, it seems you need to use a static url in the xml file it generates, which means you need to send your pre-prepared password and security key on the url, which I just can't seem to get to work.

Has anyone managed to figure out how to do this, as it would be an incredible saving, if I can get it to work?

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    I am streaming audio from s3 and flash movies.

    The best tool I have found to upload and download + find the url of the files is the S3 addon for firefox. Getting files up there is just drag and drop, and then you simply right click for the url.

    I live in Bath, so feel free to get in touch if I can help in anyway.

    Regards, Richard
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      I second the notion on the firfox add in. Makes it a lot easier to deal with.
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    What's involved when you want to stream those videos from Amazon S3 onto a Joomla membership site secured by aMember..?

    Mike Hill
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      Originally Posted by Mike Hill View Post

      What's involved when you want to stream those videos from Amazon S3 onto a Joomla membership site secured by aMember..?

      Mike Hill
      S3 has a (couple of) tutorial(s) showing you how to set up a CNAME for your S3 bucket(s); (which surprisingly not many -- even "gurus" -- seem to utilize); which would allow the actual URL of the media to be 'stealth' (in a way).

      Meaning, your URLs would look like...

      as opposed to...

      Then you would (best case scenario) have aMember handle the authentication or access to said media.

      S3 has, built in, an individual user authentication method... but, at first glance it seems to be an individual model. Where, if you're serving to a mass audience, authenticating individual users could prove to be rather time/resource consuming. So, as I stated above, IMHO it would be best to allow the Membership software you already have in place handle the authentication of access to said media files.

      Hope this helps...
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    the main thing to remember is that you must make your files accessible to everyone. S3 Fox doesn't do this by default (wish it would) and it will cause strange errors if you don't.
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  • I agree with others, you got to have FireFox to do the job right.
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