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by krull
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Is it that big of a deal to change the name of your site? Let's say that you started a site, you've got lots of traffic going to it, but changing the name of your site altogether would attract more people. I've got a mailing list that's constantly building and since I've decided to branch off a bit with it it would be perfect to change it.

I think all I would have to do is rename the mailing list on aweber, put a redirect to the new site and put the same mailing list box on the new site. I'm just afraid of losing all of those backlinks to the site I drove traffic to, but I guess you might as well change it as soon as you can right?
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    If you use a 301 redirect then the backlink juice and rank will pass to your new site.
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      I've never heard of that, but that just gave me a bit of relief. I'll look into it, thanks
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