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I am running geo target ads for the first time on Adwords and Facebook specifically. My ads is in English. I want to geo target audience in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Austria. Since my ad is only in English, do I need to create ads in the native country language for each country I want to target? My LP already has auto language switch, so that is not a problem. Hope PPC experts can chime in. Thank you.
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    if you can rewrite the Lp in those native language, it will be better i guess, to help your readers going through more easily!
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    It depends on your goals.

    If you're going after English speaking / American tourists in those locations, the ads should be in English. If you want your ads to show in the native language of the country, then yes you need to create ads in that language.
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    I'm not a PPC guy but have to believe native would be best.

    I did a quick web search on English speaking (not reading).

    Spain: 27%
    Italy: 34%
    Denmark: 86%
    Austria: 73%
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    It's very easy to segment and target the prospects you're looking for. You need to learn how to use the geo-targeting and filtering options to block out certain groups and countries. You also need to decide if you want to do native advertising, mobile advertising, and have your ads appear on the content network too. Also make sure you select countries where receiving payments with Paypal is allowed (if Paypal is your payment processor).

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