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Hello fellow warriors,

I'd like to prepopulate PayPal's subscription process on my website so it's easier for people to seamlessly sign up.

Anyone here already do this? If not, could you point me to a sample webpage where someone has this setup. PayPal's page is confusing on this.

I'd also pay to have a programmer help me with this.

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    Here's a link to PayPal's Integration Center which lists the variables their system utilizes in web-form initiated transactions.

    You would need to pre-populate these variables, (with the same name), prior to sending the prospect to PayPal's site.

    One (widely used) method is to have a form on your site that asks for this information 'first'; which you then forward over to PayPal...

    Although a bit more complicated to achieve, this method also allows you to collect this information prior to sending the prospect off to another site. Thus, giving you a way to follow-up with the prospect should they opt-out of signing up for your subscription from the PayPal site.

    Otherwise which you'd have no way of knowing who "thought about" joining and then changed their minds; or 'why'.

    I agree, PayPal's documentation is rather lacking user-friendliness. IMHO, they do this purposely to help support their Developer Community; as if the average user can't figure their methods out, they would need to seek out a developer to accomplish their goals.

    If you continue to have problems, feel free to PM me and we can possibly work something out.

    Hope this helps...
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    Are you using a membership script?
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