How to drive traffic for a proven product sold in a new language (EN)?

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I have a spreadsheet time tracking template in german as a product. I've been selling it for a few years now with relatively steady sales. I just now got around to translating it to English.

One reason I never bothered to translate it was that my website is in German. The main driver of traffic to my sales page has been a top ranking on google for the main keyword which leads to a free/light version of the professional template. The ranking is most likely heavily dependent on the rest of my content being recognized by google as quality content on the subject of Microsoft Excel.

Thus I am now starting with a good and proven product, but with essentially no relevant traffic for the english verison.

The strategy I'm using to drive traffic for the german version won't work for the EN one. It would mean recreating my entire blog. This is something that a) doesn't make sense for the amount of money the product generates and b) even if I wanted to do it, I couldn't due to time constraints, and c) as the blog contains many screenshots of german excel even a prof. translation isn't really an option.

So how should I drive traffic?

Some thoughts: I have attempted to use AdWords several times to drive traffic to the german version and got exactly 0 sales. Due to the nature of my product I've also had a really hard time split testing anything. Time Sheets tend to sell mostly in Jan and Feb... after that it's crickets for rest of the year. The other issue is that even in Jan, the number of sales are not high enough to produce anything that is statistically significant (<30 sales).

I have essentially just one tactic planned up until now to drive traffic:

Produce a Free/Light Version of the template in english and place it on free download portals (advert inside the template leads to sales page)

What would you recommend for me to do to drive traffic to the new page?
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