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I am thinking of getting into the local domaining business and came across Google My Business

Link below


I called up the Helpline and they said that any local business can get a free listing and one page website without needing to invest in a domain or hosting. The website can only be accessed through Google MY Business and not through any other Search Engine. But it will contain only basic information about your business - like name of business, location on Google Maps, and certain other details. It is without the bells and whistles which you can get with a proper website

How does this impact the market for local domainers. Any comments would be welcome.

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    Originally Posted by nikhilg View Post

    How does this impact the market for local domainers.

    It doesn't have any impact at all. What good is a free listing, or even a paid listing, if that's not where your prospects and audience go to find you? Marketing is all about getting in front of your targeted market prospects.


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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply.

    But the Google My Business listings appear at the top of the Search results in Google for any local business related search.

    For example I did a search for the term Pune Florists. The Google My Business listings appeared just under the Ads and above the organic search results.


    Doesn't this act as a disincentive to local businesses to have their own domain and website. They can get into page 1 of Google simple by listing in Google My business

    I suppose what I am really asking is what sort of local businesses will want to invest in a website and why. Of course local businesses can have a good looking website; they can also sell through videos and have a lot more information regarding their business in addition to capturing email addresses. Are there any other reasons

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    You can always have an alternate website and then link it to your business listing. Local business mostly works through phone calls. As far as I know, calling the most prominent conversion in the local business listing. You would need an active phone number, listing in prominent directories, Facebook, Twitter etc

    If done carefully, the first page of Google search will be all you
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    Done correctly, there is NOTHING stronger and more cost efficient for a local business than Google My Business. The helpline was correct. You do get a website and domain inside of the GMB listing and if it is handled correctly, Google will also place that website in the organic searches as well. Think about it, Google wants to make and keep everything Google and the organic searches are on Google too. It's a great place to market...So much so, I am converting my seo agency to be 100% GMB so as to help local businesses utilize this awesome opportunity!
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