Animation videos vs non-animation videos, what do you think converts better?

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2018 is definitely the year of video and almost everyone who wields authority in the digital marketing space is either doing video on YouTube or Vimeo, or both.
Some of these videos are animated (avatars and cartoon characters are used to tell the story), and some are not.
What do you think converts better?
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    I think that it depends on the offer and on the targeted audience. You would probably need to test it. I don't know if you have a budget to create 2 versions of the video but it would be the best scenario.

    Nicolas Roy
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    You shouldn't generalize about video types or anything else. Why? Because your question doesn't take into account the quality of the video, the timing of the offer, the relevancy of the video to the niche and offer, or the viewer of the video and his targeted interests.

    Conversion depends more on these variables that I've mentioned more than whether the video is animated or not.

    As always, when you have a question about this or that, it always pays to test and track your results ... then you'll know which alternative works best for your own particular situation (which will be different from that of others).


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Whichever one meets the news of your followers should work awe-some-sauce.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Unless you are trying to sell ME something, my answer is useless.

    Which works better for your offer and your audience?

    Go with that one.
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    If you're hardly considering the cost of video production... as animation video is usually the expensive one... than just go with the no-animation video... and focus on the way you deliver your message to your audience to make a conversion. That would be fine. Good luck!

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    I would prefer animation videos.
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    its totally depends on the target audience and video niche.
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    Animated videos are more catchy and easy to understand. I can say that animation style has become quite popular in the last few years and it seems that viewers react quite well to these types videos.
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    Animation videos are a bit more interesting to me, just a bit by the first glance.

    But, considering about conversion, I think its almost not depend on whether the vdo is animated or not. The key for me is the content, messages that you want to deliver to your audience.

    I'm saying this because a friend of mine recently confirmed that even we are in the booming of vdo ads, he still going very well with his static sale pages, yes, sale page with full of text which have a great picking words/sentences, great messages ordering specificly for his targeted customers.

    I would rather confident that if he would make 2 videos for a product from his well crafted contents, one with animation and one without, his both videos will get pretty same conversion rate!
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    What converts best depends on a lot of factors.

    There is no guide or statistics to prove that one works over the other.

    Factor 1: Discoverability or SEO of the Video

    When you create a video and put it on Youtube or Vimeo or any other platform the first thing that matters is the discoverability of the video.

    How much is your video appearing on search results? This is the number one thing that matters. So unless you have a good SEO for your video it will not matter whether the video is animated or not.

    Factor 2 : The Headline of the Video and Thumbnail

    Once your video comes up in the search results then next determining factor is the headline. For e.g. if your video is about investment options and your headline says "Invest in Stocks to gain big Returns." This may be a good headline for people who want to invest in stocks but it may not be good for people who are seeking comparative opinion on stock options.

    So if your Video covers different investment options then a headline like "10 Best Investment Opportunities for Individuals who have Jobs." This headline may work better. It immediately shows that there are multiple investment opportunities mentioned. Also if you are in a Job then you may want to know what options you have.

    So more people will click on your video because they may want to see what it is about.

    Factor 3 : What is your promise? The first 60 secs.

    You have to give your promise to the audience in the first 60 sec of the Video. This is the part that is very important to keep the people who have already clicked on your video to watch the entire video.

    Most of the people click away from a video within the 1st 60 sec. Unless the video hooks them to watch it further.

    So identify your promise or outcome of the video upfront. Like in case of the video for Investment Options.

    You can say, "If you are in a job and you don't know how to invest your money so that it can grow, in this video I have 10 investment options are designed specifically for people with job. Watch this video to find the best options you can use."

    This statement can hook a lot of people who would have thought to click out of the video.

    Factor 4: Your content delivery and keeping the eyes on your video.

    Now you have done most of the work required for your audience to watch your video. You will now have to keep your content sleek so that people do not click away. You video should be punchy and it should have some movement every 8 to 10 seconds.

    This is where the comparison of Animated Video vs Non Animated comes into picture. To make your animated video punchy it can take a while. You have to be really good at animation and have to know the timings really well.

    But in case of non animated video. If a person is delivering all the information it can be made punchy just by the way of delivery. Even a person talking with change of tone or specific pauses can make the video more animated. Additional to that if you add some pictures or text that comes in and goes out. Then automatically it becomes punchy.

    There is a third kind of Video that is also used by many. The Powerpoint Presentation Style. Big bold Text that appears on each slide like a Type Writer. You will see that such presentations things are constantly moving in and out. This also works.

    Factor 5: Stories in your Video.

    This is one of the most missed point in video. Even with Animated or Non Animated videos. You need to have al least one story to hook your audience. If you can create a video in which you can make the audience relate to your story then it will automatically hook the audience.


    Out of the 5 Factor mentioned not all the factors have a equal weightage. For e.g. The Discoverability Factor weigh above all. Because if your video is not discoverable then it does not matter how good a video you have made. The same applies for Thumbnail & Headline Text.

    Having said that most of the people who click on your link will click away within 60sec. That is where the content of your video will prove to be the king.

    You will have to work on all these factors to make your videos viewed by as many people as you want.

    One last thing.

    Decide the outcome of your video. What do you want your video to accomplish?

    If your video is just for education and you are looking for views without any monetisation in mind then the number of views will matter because that is the success and failure of your video.

    But if your video is being done to sell something. Then decide how many people you want from this video to take your offer. This means you will have to design your video mainly keeping in mind the offer at the end of the video. The success or failure of your video will then be determined on the number of sales it can get for you. Even with lesser number of views you may achieve the sales required if your video presses the right nerves of your audience.

    Hope you are able to apply the information in this post and achieve your goals as you have written down on piece of paper and are reading them everyday.

    If you don't have any goals then it does not matter.
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    Depends on whether you are promoting digital /information products or physical products.

    If digital like e-books, video tutorials, software and even web templates, animation works best.

    Same for local consulting services.

    But if you are promoting physical goods from Amazon, AliExpress or E-Bay, I will say physical videos work better.

    Not so much on your face if you don't want to see yourself in camera.

    But at least a live video of how you used that product and benefitted from.
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    Animated videos are more catchy and easy to understand. I can say that animation style has become quite popular in the last few years and it seems that viewers react quite well to these types videos.
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    Depending on how it is done. These marketing videos need not to be expensive, as long as it is smart, it is sure to get the attention.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Depending on my tests animation video worked better than non-animation video. But it still depends on niche.
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    Hey Mitala,

    It depends on the purpose of the video, and what you're trying to achieve.

    For example, if you're looking to provide really useful, valuable information/content and, say, build a list of YouTube subscribers, then put yourself in your own videos. Why? Because the benefit of video is so that you go through the "Like, Know, Trust" principle far more effectively than other marketing techniques.

    If people immediately like you, great. They're now starting on the "getting to know you" phase. If people don't like you, great. You've just got rid of a load of time-wasters.

    Then post more videos on a consistent i.e. weekly basis, each time giving great value. Over time - and because you're seen in your own videos, people get to "Know" you and the "trust" phase starts to kick in, so that when you do offer a product. for example, for your viewers to download etc., you've a much better chance of making a sale (your product or an affiliate product).

    An animation video in this scenario doesn't have the same impact.

    Another example - one of the most powerful and effective type of videos are video testimonials - happy clients giving 3rd party endorsement of your services/products that can help prospects to make a buying decision.

    Again, an animation video won't have the same impact.

    There is another reason why animation videos are appealing to many video creators, and that is using it as an excuse for not appearing in their own videos because they're......scared.

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    It really depends. There are a lot of variables that will come into play. The content and quality of the video, how appealing it is to your audience, your target market, etc. You will need to test it to see which of the two works better.
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    Animated videos definitely but I think videos in general would convert well right now regardless.
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    Animatron is an excellent animation program that doesn't get much attention. It's on sale for $49 via Stack Social for a lifetime membership. I'm not an affiliate, but have used the free version of the program. Sale details via Zdnet here...
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    Originally Posted by Mitala View Post

    2018 is definitely the year of video and almost everyone who wields authority in the digital marketing space is either doing video on YouTube or Vimeo, or both.
    Some of these videos are animated (avatars and cartoon characters are used to tell the story), and some are not.
    What do you think converts better?
    Well, it all depends what works for you. For me, a very simple video with power point presentation with me speaking in the webcam (Shown somewhere in the right hand corner of the screen) works best. It look natural and informative. These days, people have more confidence on customer reviews than models giving reviews or something being explained using cartoons etc. I think story telling as a part of explaining the product works best. But that is my experience. It may be different for others.
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    This whole questions is totally misplaced. As other have said, you need to define the message, the audience, as well as the context of the video before deciding. There's no either or here.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    It ALL depends on structuring and quality of each.
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    Of course animation videos because it's more impressive. It has more influence on your mind.
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