How do I know if i can use an image?

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Hey everyone,

If i see an image on a website i would really like to use how do i know if i can use the image or not.

Where do i find images i can use for free?

where do i find images i can pay for?


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    You really only know if you can use an image by reading the licensing agreement. Best bet is to use a free image site:

    Scroll to bottom of page to find a whole bunch of other free image sites.

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    Hey Eric
    My advice is never copy a photo from a website without asking permission first. You can find many free and paid photo sites by simply typing free photos into a search engine. Most paid photo sites have many photos that you can buy and use commercially for $1, much safer than swiping photos from websites.
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    Better to create your own images or use a digital camera.
    If you can't the best thing to do, is contact the website and just ask if you can use the picture...all they can say is yes or's as simple as that.
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    I would try searching google for free or cheap images.
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      You can look for images distributed under a Creative Commons License like photos from Be sure to check that the photos you pick can be used commercially.

      You might also consider checking out Wikimedia Commons, just search for the site on Google.

      There are tons of photo sharing websites out there: Atpic, Fotki, ImageShack, Ipernity, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Webshots, Zooomr and many more.

      You might want to give those a shot, too. To stay on the safe side, just always contact the people who hold the copyright for the images you want to use. Send them an email or send them a private message on the photo sharing sites.

      If you're looking for all types of graphics rather than just photos, go to

      Never use any images without being sure you're allowed to do so.
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