Do american affiliates work with spanish affiliate programs?

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Hi everyoone!

I have this question: do american affiliates work with spanish affiliate programs?

I'm working with spanish online companies, and my is that the affiliate marketing in Spain is not as evolved as in USA. So, I have serious limitations finding good affiliates for these programs (maybe 10 or 20 are good and have big lists but... in general there is no an affiliation "culture" to do a massive and quality recruite)

So, it would be nice if:

* Some american super-affiliates have a great percentage of Spanish-speakers in their lists and could promote spanish infoproducts? (what do you think?)

* Some affiliates that work with cold and paid traffic could be indiferent about the language of the promotion.

Is this possible or the language is really a "wall" and I have to work only with spanish and Latin Americans affiliates?

Thank u very much!! (and I feel sorry about my first post here is for ask you something!)

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    I personally don't see a reason why wouldn't an American work with you? Nationality is not a boundary in this industry. (at least, it shouldn't be). I know some affiliates who are making a killing with international offers (e.g. France). You just have to make a good offer they cannot resist.
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    What Haris said is accurate.
    While it should be a boundary in the heads it frequently is.
    That should not stop anyone trying though. In any case your Spanish language affiliate sites should help a lot in raining ROI.

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    Yeah of course, as long as the offers convert, why not?
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