Tips on creating new Affiliate program for my webpage!

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Hi Guys!

I just started in the internet marketing world and could use some advice from experienced marketers like you. I am working for a german online adult chat website (jamble) and have to create a new affiliate program to promote our site and attract quality traffic. We are paying on a DOI / Lead basis.

The thing is i'm a little lost as to where i should start promoting, listing my offer. Do you recommend something like Clickbank or JVzoo ? Or is it possible to bypass these commissions and do a direct interaction with affiliates? Since most of you are Affiliates I assume, what would be the most attractive we to start business? What are you looking for as a Affiliate and what makes the difference from accepting a merchants offer to just saying next? Is it only commision?

Sorry for the long post , any answer, tip or advice will be very welcome!!! Thanks again
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