Warrior Deal: 5 Step "Start From Scratch" Internet Marketing Blueprint To Start Profiting Online..

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Hey everyone, it's Fred Lam here!

My goal for this post is to get anyone who wants to start profiting online at a place where they feel confident and educated enough to open up their very own eCommerce store!

Even if you've never heard the word Arbitraging or Aliexpress up until this very second.

Now, if you're reading this thinking who is this Fred Lam guy anyway? Let me just introduce myself.

13 years ago I started out selling products on Google AdWords and got into dropshipping - now I'm the owner of a 7-figure business that has been included in the Inc5000 listings.

Fast forward to today and I spend most of my time helping students do the same. So far, they've generated over For example, one of my students just did $21M in sales using the exact 5 step system I'm going to walk you through today.

So, let's not waste any more time and jump straight in with:

Step 1: Use This Helpful Hack To Get A Powerful Web Presence Instantly..

Initially, "powerful web presence" sounds daunting doesn't it? Well it used to be, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, endless hours of time and hard work to get such a position of power.

But - now it's simple with Shopify.

With Shopify, you are given a "ready-to-go business in a box" that deals with all the complicated aspects like hosting, SSL Certificates, customers, email templates, shipping tables, taxes, etc.

While all you need to do is copy and paste some images, add in a few lines of text and cash in on those cheques!

You can have an eCommerce store up and running in minutes without an ounce of website building knowledge, online expertize or business experience.

So - first things first, set yourself up a Shopify account!

Step 2: The Ins And Outs Of Successful Inventory Arbitrage..

Now you've got a site you need something to sell.

That's where you begin to arbitrage the inventory that's already sitting in the warehouse of your Vendor, Supplier or Manufacturer.

What does that mean?


You generate an order.
You purchase a product (spending the customer's money not yours.)
A third party completes the order from start to shipment.

Operating this way means you don't have to spend a penny on inventory BUT still have the products available on your store to sell making it risk-free.

All you need to ask for is the image, description, and price of the products you want.

Once you've got that just upload it and sell it at a HIGHER price so you can make some money and profit from it.

And here's the thing...

You may have heard of dropshipping before now, well inventory arbitrage is exactly the same thing the only difference is I've been arbitraging my vendors since 2008.

Dropshipping only became a "thing" a couple years back.

Whatever you want to call it essentially it boils down to this:

You are selling products you've never seen or touched.

The Vendor I would suggest to get started with is AliExpress.

Because with AliExpress, unlike a lot of other Vendors, you don't have to negotiate or reach out to them to allow you to drop ship their products. Plus they take care of ALL the shipping systems and admin side of things.

They're the perfect platform to get started!

Step 3: Utilize The #1 Failsafe Way To Send Traffic To Your Store..

Having a store and things to sell is great - but you need people to start buying your products.

That's when "Traffic" comes into play.

The best traffic source for anyone new getting into eCommerce is Facebook.

It's well known that over 85% of ALL social media orders on eCommerce stores are from Facebook.

But why?

Facebook's targeting technology is a cut above the rest and you can single out and target your ideal type of customer.

If your store sells dog products, you can leverage Facebook to target and send a message to users who are actively expressing interest in dogs. Running with the dog example still - you can even go one step further and single out people with a particular interest in a certain breed like pugs!

"Pug love" has gone crazy lately, so the chances are you could have some pug products in your store and be able to target people that simply love pugs and pugs products!

It's an easy sell.

You're giving them what they want on a plate.

That's why Facebook alone is a big enough advertising platform for you to build a 6/7 figure eCommerce business.

Step 4: Implement 2 Proven Profit Multipliers To Maximize Profits..

Here's the defining point in your success story in eCommerce.

Because it's the sad truth that 95% of eCommerce store owners STOP at step 3.

Which means, they don't leverage or maximize their store's potential and close off HUGE money making opportunities!

But that won't be you, because you'll have learned about and will be applying the Profit Multiplier, unlocking a goldmine for yourself and giving your store a HUGE competitive advantage.

Here's how...

The Profit Multiplier is a system that increases the average value of every customer that goes to your website.

Say your average customer spends $10 in your store.

That $10 doesn't give you a huge amount of leeway for advertising, goods and living costs.

But by applying the Profit Multiplier, you are INCREASING the average order value and getting the lion's share of the profits.

Think about it this way - you've already paid to get the customer so selling them as much as possible is way better than having to keep paying for new traffic that only ever buys 1 thing!

Here are some helpful tips to make it happen:

-- Have a coupon code on the Thank You page. Customers LOVE a discount, and it entices them back to your store. Even offering just 10% off can make a HUGE difference.

-- Build a sales funnel - don't just let them pick a product and pay, instead offer them additional logical purchases before they have a chance to check out. More likely than not the customer will impulse buy the product as they're already in the "buying mentality."

Both of those will help you make MORE money from every single customer.

Step 5: Make The Ultimate Choice: Rinse and Repeat v.s Scale Up..

This is where you make your first big business choice.

You can either continue to find products, building sales funnels and increasing revenue for your store THEN flip it and sell it to someone.

(One of my students followed this exact 5-step system and in 3 months sold his website for $22,000! Imagine "Rinsing and Repeating" that method every 3 months? That's crazy money!)


You can introduce digital products, continuity products, membership deals and MORE to your existing store.

By scaling up in this way, you're leveraging the solid base you already have to build yourself a bigger business and brand.

And by doing that you're transforming YOURSELF into a bigger fish in business, and fierce competitor in the market!

If you've got to step 5, you're more than likely going to be a 6/7-figure eCommerce business owner anyway!

So, that's my simple 5 step system anyone can follow to become crazy successful like me in eCommerce.

I hope it's helped you and has motivated you to open up your first Shopify store.. because guess what?

There's a SECRET step in my system!

That's going to help you EVEN more and you can take RIGHT AWAY...

I want to ENSURE your success in eCommerce by offering you my "Building An eCommerce Business Starting From Zero" course for FREE!

It's 10 videos and 7 hours of in-depth training that thousands of people have already used to start their store and make their first sale online!

And now you have complete access to it for FREE.

If that wasn't a sign to open up your first store - I don't know what is!


[Secret IMMEDIATE Step]: Take My FREE "Building An eCommerce Business Starting From Zero" Course Now:

I want to leave you with one more fact.

By 2020 eCommerce is predicted to be a TRILLION DOLLAR marketplace - 0.01% of that is STILL one hundred million dollars.

There's enough success and sales for everyone...

Get your share!
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