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I know the only way to get conversions and sales on Fiverr Gigs is by standing out from all the competition. It could be offering something free with your service like some PLR bonus, offering outrageous value in the beginning to get reviews, or something entirely different.

One thing I am trying is giving away a completely free sample logo in my gig offering 24 total for only $5. This free sample is using text in place of their logo, but providing it completely free with no watermark so they can use it whether they buy or not. Then if they buy I will supply the logo intro with the logo instead of text in the 24 they get.

Anyone else ever tried something like this on Fiverr? Thoughts anyone? Thanks
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    I guess maybe you can offer some sort of money back guarantee if the service rendered isn't what they wanted or anticipated - no questions ask refund... ????

    Just a thought.
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    Being authentic, doing a good job and not bottom feeding or underselling is the clear way to grow your gig on Fiverr Invincer. If rates are already dirt cheap, and you lower the bar more with your discount, you tend to attract tire kickers or hyper critical folks or people who have only a few bucks to share. Not exactly the client base you want to build a thriving business.

    I'd have posture, worry not of competition, get clear and land clients through your abilities, versus through lowering rates or running specials.

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