Selling Same Leads To Multiple Buyers

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We work in the lead industry for home improvement and many of our partners ask us how many times we sell a lead. I am slightly confused with this as it doesn't make much sense to me.

Can we sell it more then once if were doing ping post?

If so, how many times can you sell a lead and to how many buyers?

Seems counter-intuitive but if you have experience with this let me know. Thanks!
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    People buy email lists all the time and must know that these lists have been sold many multiples of times.

    You could try selling leads to more than one person but I wouldn't want to buy those leads.

    On the other hand, if many of your partners ask that question then maybe it's common practice?

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    I've seen companies resell leads depending on the "freshness". They would originally sell the fresh lead only one time. After 5-7 days they would resell the lead for a lower price, then again lower after 2 weeks.

    It was up to the customer to choose the "freshness" of the lead they wanted and were willing to pay for.
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    I've also seen the 'freshness delay' and think it's smart.

    If you are selling leads ONCE - that is a huge selling point in your industry...capitalize for it - charge for it.
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    One of the drawbacks of selling a lead multiple times is this:

    Typically, the prospect has signed up (given his contact information) for something specific like a product, a service, a bonus, a freebie, a discount or any number of other things. Most, if not all these prospects, are not signing up for their contact information to be sold multiple times - especially to vendors and marketers outside their niche.

    Soon, the prospects get bombarded with offers they have no interest in and didn't sign up for. So to the consumer, the offer or contact appears as spam. Everyone knows about spam and I've never met one person that likes getting it.

    So selling a lead more than once may make some extra money for the seller of leads, but the buyer of "second-hand" leads can be seen as a spammer because he was not invited to market something different than what the prospect originally signed up to get.


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