What do you expect when you buy a PLR pack, or something similar

by geckgo
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Hi guys and gals,

I've been perusing the forum a bit, and seeing a few threads related to my question but none really nailing it down yet. While browsing them I did glean that the "content" part of any PLR product seems to trump everything else.

I'm writing a ton of content right now about astronomy and telescopes, and it dips a bit into other science areas as well. Basically taking something I know very well and turning it into informed content that could be used by science niche websites or possibly camera/toy sellers, etc.

I know it's likely a tiny market, but it's something I know so well that I can put it together in my sleep. I tried dressing up my first content piece (which isn't selling at all) on focus and flow states, and I'm wondering if anyone really cares about all of that effort. For instance, if it's worth it to dress up individual articles (ranging from 1000-2500 words each) with pretty pictures and videos and landing pages, etc, or if the internet marketer would be more interested in focused content that teaches things which are harder to find using a google search (and the black hole of useless copied articles that answer no questions, but man they can throw ads at you fast)

Would I be better off saving my time and pitching quality content with simpler formatting (since most of it will likely get changed anyway)? The ebook is over 20k so I don't mind slapping a pretty cover on it and doing some rudimentary formatting, but I plan on writing 20-50 articles to go along with the packet, in addition to other cool and related learning tools. Better to leave those alone as word documents or text files? What do you think?
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    People do still buy niche PLR but the ROI might not be there (like in the past)...

    Your best bet would be VIDEO SCRIPTS and email updates.

    Higher profit margin. Less worries about piracy/duplicate content.
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      Thanks for the response. I was thinking about doing some instructional slideshows, which would directly transfer to scripting for video, I just suck at video itself, so I'm hesitant to make my own. Is the script enough on its own?

      For email updates, I assume you mean framing some short articles in the form of emails to a subscription list? That could be an idea, and as something that the marketer wouldn't need to fiddle with, it's something I'm going to take to heart.

      Let me know if I've misunderstood you. Your post was rather short.
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      Read it this morning before the day-job duties. Agree almost 100% with everything in there, but didn't see anything really excepted. I guess I should clarify, from a product perspective, how much does "packaging" matter to you if you buy PLR content? I will think about ways to ensure that the packaging emphasizes why I'm especially qualified to write the content that I'm churning out, that may build trust. I'm always looking for contacts and collaboration, but most of my current field is in a different marketplace. Still new to selling my own PLR content (though I've been writing it for others for years).
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        Originally Posted by geckgo View Post

        ... how much does "packaging" matter to you if you buy PLR content?

        If you really want a sellable package, offer both the no-frills simple formatting (which you can easily package before you do the fancy stuff) and in addition, offer another version specifically for the person that doesn't want to mess with making many changes. Two versions should satisfy most PLR buyers.

        I'm one that likes to repurpose PLR, lots of changes, my own graphics, etc. I would go for the simple package. But there are a lot of other PLR buyers (most?)that won't mess with anything and just put the product "as is" for sale.

        Be sure you understand exactly where the demand lies in your niche. Small niches leave no room for error. Do your research first before you write your PLR materials.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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          Thanks Steve B. In this particular space, I know the "end users" pretty well, the ones who will be downloading, trading their emails for goodies, etc, but it's hard to say on the sellers and marketers. I feel like PLR itself is masked behind this veil that 99.9% of the world never sees.

          I do like the "do both" approach. If nothing else, it encourages a minimum viable version of the material which can be a good test of market fit, before putting extraneous effort into graphic design. If nothing else, it's another product on the page, and I'm already expecting to construct several out of all this stuff. I guess I can scan big PLR sellers and see what they are doing in the science space.
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    Wandering off on a different tangent... have you thought about creating a video course with your content and knowledge and targeting high school or college students (not sure the level of complexity in your information). My son (now a freshman in college) leveraged a number of online courses during his high schools years because the instruction at the school was lacking...
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    I look for these things.

    1. PLR Licence instructions

    2. E-Book in both Word and PDF

    3. Optin landing pages, salesletters and download pages in html. Some also have affiliate / JV pages which is even better

    4. Banners, e-covers and graphics like Add To Cart, Arrow or Download buttons.

    Though I bought many PLR products, I did consistently from 2 membership sites.

    1. Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh and

    2. Unstoppable PLR by Aurelius Tjin
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      Thanks so much for your response amuro. It's great information to have right from someone, what they think about if they are "shopping." I do all of my own content, so other than really bad PLR that I've been asked to "fix" for various clients, I've never really had to acquire any on my own.
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    The top factor in PLR success is NICHE

    If you focus on a niche that is highly demanded by a well-heeled clientele, you can do quite well. For example: PLR legal / PLR medical / PLR insurance etc
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    I would want the PLR creator to also add a text file with Keywords to target.
    There are many good plr but finidng keywords are a pain.
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      I do a twitter hashtag analysis as part of my swipe package. This is actually pretty easy to do with ritetag (when the site is up), but something I see overlooked often. Considering that I should be doing keyword analysis of some kind just to get things rolling with sales, I can add that into the distribution, good call.

      I didn't do this with the Focus ebook, but the goal there was to get something up and learn the process, what marketers call a minimum viable product. It didn't end up being very viable, but it did help me sort out a few parts of the process on JVzoo. I'll look into keywords on the next one.
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    And the information has to be up to date. I have seen so many sites where the content is years old... no one wants to read/watch that stuff.
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      Agreed. This is one place where I stick to ensuring good content over copy-pasted stuff from other blogs and websites. I'm continually frustrated with even simple research when people are just copying part of a wiki page and rewording it. I see it as part of my job as a content creator to get invested in what I'm writing about, and search out the harder to find and more relevant information, namely answers to questions I would have about the topic, that is actionable and reliable. Over the years, digging through the slough for a wide array of topics, I've learned to navigate the web pretty well to get at the good information that I want, usually from first-hand sources, even if it means spending the extra time to write a few emails to experts. Luckily, I'm an expert on my current WIP, so that makes things easier.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments so far. You've all been super helpful.
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