Open rates and engagement very low.

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So I've built a list of 200 leads using a vendor from Udimi with top tier traffic.
Once they opt in they go to my funnel where they are recommended to get different affiliate software products like ClickFunnels, Aweber etc. and they should then import the funnel to their CF account and switch out my affiliate links with theirs, so they could potentially make commissions driving traffic to it. Despite followup a tiny percent had taken action with it.

They say industry average open rate should be 20%, but I'm only getting at most 10 people and much less each broadcast, dang.
I'm trying to build trust with follow up and using compelling subject lines, but out of my 200 leads very little are receptive, which I hope is fairly normal.
The goal like any Internet Marketer is to really profit from this list long term. I didn't know whether to keep driving traffic to increase my odds, or change my strategy/lead magnet altogether.

How do you engage a unreceptive list and get a higher open rate down the line? I appreciate any suggestions/honest feedback.

Thank you.
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    Several things . . .

    200 leads is not a large enough sample size to draw any statistically relevant conclusions yet.

    There are also a number of significant variables that you need to address including, but not limited to:
    • How targeted your leads are for the offer you are presenting?
    • How compelling is your actual offer?
    • How compelling and motivating is your sales copy?
    • What is the competition like and why do you stand out above them?
    • Is your pricing in line with the industry leaders?
    • What is social proof like (testimonials, "likes", referrals)?
    • Have you focused on what your offer will do for the buyer? (What's In It For Me?)
    • Have you researched the marketplace to verify the online demand for what you are offering?
    This and many other questions need to be resolved in order for you to have a thriving business in this, or any other industry for that matter.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Originally Posted by OliverM201 View Post

    They say industry average open rate should be 20%, but I'm only getting at most 10 people and much less each broadcast, dang.
    If your open rate is just 10 out of 200, either your headings need changing, or the list is poorly targeted. That's assuming all the emails were actually delivered.
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    If the leads aren't fraud,
    The only thing that impact the open rates, is the headline
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    The content of the emails might be impacting deliverability.

    Avoid using words like 'free', 'money', 'cash' etc.

    Limit the number of links to just 1, or 2 at a maximum.

    Don't include any images.

    And keep the email short and sweet.

    Write like you're talking to a friend, and make use of {first name} personalisations.

    If the email sounds promotional it will be delivered the promotions folder in Gmail.

    Finally, check your reputation:

    ReputationAuthority | WatchGuard Technologies
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    Originally Posted by OliverM201 View Post

    So I've built a list of 200 leads using a vendor from Udimi with top tier traffic.

    Therein is your problem.

    On the plus side, you've marketed only to the 'leads' you acquired from a solo vendor, so you can see first hand that the majority of those aren't people, or at least people who are 'top tier'. If only everyone done this, they would see the dissapointing truth. Many others just mingle those useless 'leads' into their larger list comprising of subscribers from a variety of sources....and keep buying the solos.

    Henceforth, you'll know to avoid this, regardess of claims and rave reviews (usually submitted by syndicate solo vendors), and instead seek and contact people in your niche to ask if they can send a broadcast in exchange for a fee.

    Effective business, certainly in this sector involves (honest) networking.

    Solo vendors (even those rare folk who might not be part of a shilling syndicate) are bound to be challenged soon anyways by legislation. It's only a matter of time.

    Consider a lesson - one you've been fortunate enough to learn from the get go!

    Don't take my word for it however. Shoot out another broadcast with a rock solid, attention grabbing headline and post your results.
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    I appreciate every reply and advice offered, thank you. A good point about if majority of leads are actually real people. May consider PPC again instead if solo ads indeed are culprit there. Eye-opening in any case!
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