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Hi there.

There are a number of ebooks and home workout courses sitting on my computer.

They are an 8 weeks home workout fat loss course and a 28 day intermittent fasting health and fat loss program.

Does anybody have any suggestions to how I can collaborate with marketers to get these programs out to more people?

Thank you.
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    Did you create these ebooks and courses or do you have the rights to redistribute them?

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      I created them
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        Originally Posted by Jonny Stannard View Post

        I created them
        Why not just sell them? They could sit on your computer, forever. The Internet is awash with millions of articles in that niche.

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        Originally Posted by Jonny Stannard View Post

        I created them
        Then I'm not sure I understand your question. If you created them, why are they just sitting on your computer? And when you say "get these programs out to more people", that implies you've already sold (given away?) some. What promotional activity have you carried out so far?

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    I'm in the fitness market. I'm also a bit confused as to what you're trying to accomplish.

    If you're looking for a marketer to partner with who will promote your programs and split any profits, then I think you're going to have a very, very hard time finding a marketer willing to do that. Unless your workout plans are something earth shattering or never seen before. Otherwise, the marketer could pay a certified personal trainer $40 on UpWork and have an 8 week workout plan created for them - thus eliminating the need to share any profits.

    I don't want to deter you as the fitness market can be incredibly profitable. But, this is also an incredibly competitive and difficult market. Well known influencers and brands give away these programs all the time. It's to the point where fitness plans don't even really work for a lead magnet anymore - at least for me.

    If you're looking for ways to enter the fitness market and possibly use your info products as a lead magnet or giveaway, then I would suggest really creating something unique either brand-wise or experience-wise. That's really the only way to separate yourself and gain a little bit of leverage from a million other people who are trying to all do the same thing(s).
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