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I would like to do some competitor and blog out-reach research. My plan is to create a spreadsheet for both clients and blogs with links and relative keywords and audiences stats. My question is how can I obtain rough stats on my competitors audience, their approximate monthly visits, their visitor demographics .etc.

I'm extremely interested in hearing how other people achieve this or if there are any tools out there that I can use?

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    You should check . They have a FREE account option that you will find useful
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      Yeah if you need ballpark figures, you can use its browser extension.
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    Originally Posted by James Kelly View Post

    I'm extremely interested in hearing how other people achieve this or if there are any tools out there that I can use?
    Personally, I spend zero time researching or worrying about the traffic and stats of my competitors. All the research I do is up front to determine if there is a market with a demand for my product(s). Once that's proven, I really only care about my own stats and where the opportunity lies for me to have success.

    For that, I use KWfinder for keywords but really gear it mostly toward Facebook ads due to the scalability.

    I do however do a lot of blog outreach. But, that is geared toward finding ways to make myself and the blogger more successful as opposed to viewing them as competition.
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    Hi James,

    My take Rather than research people blogging in your niche, help them. Promote them. Grow your network. Grow your profits. Release the fear of competition.

    How it works: say you retweet my latest post and email me, telling me you dig my blog. I check out your blog, love your content and retweet your latest post to my 50,000 followers. Plus if you keep helping me, I may mention you on my blog. So you appear on a blog featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Virgin, you get your content retweeted to 50 K folks, and you befriend me.

    Don't that beat researching me? LOL.....

    Co-create. Don't compete. Forget metrics. Make friends. Fun way to blog.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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