How to add multiple pages in wordpress

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How do I add multiple pages to a wordpress site as a batch upload rather than adding each page manually?
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    Hey Larry,

    Many Thanks for that plugin, and I already did your test at the 2nd tier, and all worked fine.

    Now I'm gonna go check out that plugin.

    Once again, Many Thanks and best of luck with your new offering


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      Let me know how it works. I found it for something I needed, but haven't put it to use yet.

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    Sorry David, I would of sworn it was Larry!

    Installed the plugin but its a bit much for me to wrap my head around as I only know a little bit of html.

    I have 350 pages to upload to a new wp site.

    I'm gonna head off to bed now and when I wake tomorrow I'll try to make sense of the instructions.

    Will let you know what I discover.

    For the direction in which I'm heading this will be a really valuable tool!

    Cheers Mate,

    Kirk Out
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    You could try using excel and the plugin csv importer. Create your posts in excel then save them as CSV. Activate the plugin then go into the tools section and import the file that you saved. You can install many pages this way in a relatively short period of time. Use excel's tools to help you duplicate all the duplicate terms.

    Once you do this you should have all of your items list as posts. Install the p2pconverter plugin and convert all the posts to pages. I would say that depending on the content you could do it in <20 minutes or so for the 350 pages you need.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you MakeMoney.

    Gosh it all seems a bit over my head! I think I'll just have it done on rentacoder for about $20 or so.

    However before going that route if it aint too much trouble can you explain in a bit more detail:

    1) Use excel's tools to help you duplicate all the duplicate terms...Why do I want to do this?

    2) How do I create a post in excel?...Just copy & paste each post to a new sheet in the same excel document?

    The rest of your instructions appear fairly straight forward to me so I should be fine there.

    Many Thanks,

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