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Hey guys,
newbie here so i'm still learning a lot. I've just set up my first website around mental health awareness and im also going to have it with affiliate links to help cover the hosting costs etc, and if it could generate enough that i could just do that then I would obviously take it on full time. Anyway, what are some of you guys best methods to generating traffic? I know i can't just throw the site link out there and hope for the best but there must be some things i can do to help grow the business and generate more traffic.
Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from ya'l.
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    Hi, congrats on having your website as it's the mostly important step towards making money online!

    Regarding how best you could generate traffic as a newbie website, I would say keywords research should be where you start from. Keywords research is one of if not the most highest return SEO activity that ensures marketing success!.
    There are thousands of websites already out there, but keywords research would help you narrow your path toward getting to the top in terms of traffic, specifically in terms of organic search.

    I'd be willing to educate you more on how to go about it if interested.

    I wish you the best of luck!
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      Thanks for this great info. I am currently using a keyword engine and seem to be getting indexed into google. Dunno if that really matters or not. And I'd love to be more educated as I'm sure there are other ways that I don't yet know about.

      Thanks for this. Really appreciate it. I've recently heard of these long tail keywords. What does that actually mean?
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    Hi There

    1. Target Long Tail keywords - SEO -

    2. Use Video, leverage YouTube - Create and Grow a Channel

    3. Reddit is a Great source of Traffic too
    4. grow a Facebook page and advertise in it

    good Luck
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    Here's a video of the sources I've been using lately.

    In all there's about 10 or 15, too many for me to list here. Maybe someone else will if they have the time.

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    Traffic for can be increased through On-page optimisation & Off-page optimisation, On-page optimisation includes
    1. URL Optimisation
    2. Content Optimisation
    3. A very good meta description with proper usage of keywords.
    4. Footer Optimisation

    Off- Page Optimisation includes
    Forum Submissions
    Directory Submission along with this we should also focus Internet Marketing & Social Media Marketing
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    what are some of you guys best methods to generating traffic?
    Buying targeted ads. It's much cheaper than "free" methods which are massively time-consuming, tedious and saturated.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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  • If you are looking for free methods, one of the effective ways will be posting your web content in the FB groups that related to your niche. Create quality content to trigger opt-ins to your email list so that you have loyal subscribers to promote in future.
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    Here are some ideas to get more traffic to website:
    1. Leave thoughtful comments on other people's blogs.
    2. Write shorter posts.
    3. Blog consistently.
    4. Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
    5. Link out to other sites.
    6. Share your content on Facebook.
    7. Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
    8. Optimize your site for search engines.
    9. Guest post on someone else's blog.
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    Hello Adam,
    Pleasure to help you, if you want to know about how you can get more traffic to your website then you have to go through its optimization, you need to make your content more stronger and specific about what actually you want to say, you need to focus on your keywords because as a newbie its important to keep fair content on the website.

    For this you need to go through a keyword research analysis which will give you those keywords which are actually useful and related to your website and you need to focus on. This can be done through the Google Keyword Planner. May this work for you.
    Wish you luck for your new website.
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    First thing first i would start buying traffic, for a specific subject like Mental health i would go for Native with companies like Taboola or Outbrain, you pay for clicks, so you know that if someone clicked it the bounce rate wont be very high.

    Same for push, you can buy from us (AdMAven)l, Megapush, Propeller, same here, you pay for clicking users.

    There a bunch of Facebook groups and forums on the subject, you can always put your link there, and with similarweb or google analytics really see what traffic source really creates the best traffic.

    Also, try Adwords, buy a couple of keywords and really see how you're doing.

    Good Luck
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    you could try Instagram shoutouts!
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      Originally Posted by dj2590 View Post

      you could try Instagram shoutouts!
      love it

      Instagram shoutouts is a pretty cool way to drive traffic. You can get super targeted clicks for cheap if you know how to do it. The only thing here though, is that you should really study your audience (or ask the influencer for some stats!). Because instagram is "generally speaking" for the younger audiences. I think it would go a long way to study the expected audience a bit first, depeding on the offer you're promoting.
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    for me as a traffic provider is easy to drive traffic althought when I started Pinterest helped a lot!

    and btw Im still using it even now for new projects, so yes pinterest
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    Post quality content that add value as often as you can and dont relay only on seo try to share your blog posts everywhere you can .also i think its a good ideea to create an youtubecchannel as it rank faster and its trending right now
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    For traffic, you can post on forums relating to mental health awareness.

    Join a forum or two that relates to this and help people.

    Have a link to your site in your signature.

    Also answer questions on Quora relating to this.
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      I agree with the last poster. Quota is HUGE when it comes
      to getting traffic. I know of people who have gotten tens
      of thousands of views in their niches and it is their main
      traffic source. If you do Quota right you may not need anything
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    Yeah, that would be a dictionary definition of "Banner Blindness" - It's extremely easy today to simply ignore all of the Banner ads, you see a pop you close it right away. The old formats aren't dead, but there definitely on a sharp decline. Not to say it wouldn't work anymore, some offer types are still much more effective on pop or banner, but Push is still fresh and there is still a lot more to learn about it and the main thing is users are still not accustomed to it, it's definitely the place to invest in 2019 as far as the industry goes.

    I personally represent AdMaven, so I'm biased, after doing pop for 3 years push is a nice refreshing, and you know, stuff that never worked for me on pop as Nutra offers, Sweepstakes, Dating offers are just exploding, It's going to be short-lived since at some point it supposed to stop, you can constantly go up, but as for now, it's not showing any signs of stopping, going in now would be the smart thing to do!
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    What kind of site is it? Is it a blog? If so you might want to hold off on your advertisements until you begin to develop a following. If you have a squeeze page or something that is building you a list try sending some paid traffic and see how the page converts and work on getting a 40% plus conversion rate!
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    I believe getting traffic is the biggest problem for online marketers because no matter how good your product is, if your not getting any traffic its not going to sell.

    Google is the most used search engine but it is extremely hard to get lots of organic traffic for good keywords unless you spend lots on SEO and when you use less competitive key words, you usually get lower quality traffic.

    Blogging and facebook are my favourite ways to get traffic

    Blogging takes a while to build traffic but if you consistantly post most days you will eventually start getting good targeted traffic

    To get good targeted traffic on facebook you need to be interacting with people. This is because fb has programed their algorithm to use Signals That Heavily Favor Active Interactions such as comments and likes, so when you post on your facebook timeline, it doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 5000 friends, if no one has liked or commented on that post very few people will see it.

    FB ads are definitely the way to go for paid ads, not only because of the amount of members but because you can fine tune their ads for very specific targeting

    Get FREE access to 18 Video Tutorials about the best ways to Market on FB
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