affiliate marketing vs. E-commerce - for a newbie

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hello, i would like to know what would be the best way to start with an online business. Best means, that the chances to loose much money and time should be small, and also it would be good if it would be something with which i could learn much about internet marketing in general. As far as i know it is easy to start with affiliate marketing in small niches. No big investemts are needed. In e-commerce if i should do dropshipping also no big investments are needed as far as i know, with the chance to sell own brands later (white label). Probably in both, drop shipping and affiliate marketing the learing curve would be steep. With what i would end up in the long run i don´t know, i will decide later, but right now it is important to start somehow where chances of loosing much money or time (maybe because this field is not profitable anymore???) are small. What would you suggest? thanks
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    Firstly don't expect to get rich overnight. In some business, investment is neede more ,in some less, but in all business you must to spend a lot of time, there is no way around it. You must put a lot of time in any method/business in order to start seeing the results.

    If you deciding which business to start from affiliate marketing and dropshipping, I would suggest to start with affiliate marketing as it's more easier in my opinion. In aff marketing you dont need big capital to start and get results, you can start with free traffic sources to promote aff offers.

    Stick with one method and master it, search for as much info as possible, ask questions, read a lot of books, watch videos and most important - don't give up, ever.

    Good luck !
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    A nice choice can be => affiliate marketing + high ticket funnels.

    you send traffic to a premade webpage and you make up to $2,000 per sale
    ( by the way start is free )
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    Affiliate marketing would probably easier to launch and start making money but drop shipping could be a little more relateable as you could sell a product or an item you are familiar with.
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    Affiliate Marketing would be a better option to go with than e-commerce as a newbie.
    E-commerce is a competitive field & requires a good amount of knowledge.

    Addition to that, affiliate marketing doesn't require huge capital to get started, a good marketing strategy can easily help you to get succeed.
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    Start with affiliate marketing and get a business on it's feet. You can even scale it and include multiple different income sources.
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    E-Com (Dropshipping) Pros:

    - Easy to set a store
    - You hold no inventory
    - You don't have to fulfill orders yourself
    - Plenty of $$$ to be made + you're building a "proper" brand that you could potentially sell one day for a healthy payday

    E-Com (Dropshipping) Cons:

    - Shopify & app subscription fees can quickly rack up
    - You have to manage all the customer service yourself (or hire a VA to do it for you)
    - Less beginner-friendly
    - Requires a decent amount of starting capital
    - E-com relies heavily on paid traffic, so unless you're a traffic expert (which I'll venture to guess you're not), testing to see what products work vs not can be quite expensive

    Affiliate Marketing Pros:

    - For the most part, all you need is a website and email list
    - It's inexpensive to run
    - You don't have to handle ANY of customer service/refunds/queries - it's the vendor's responsibility
    - Free traffic and paid traffic works very well for this business model
    - It's newbie-friendly
    - Easy to automate + like e-com, there's plenty of $$$ to be made

    Affiliate Marketing Cons:

    - You have no control over the product
    - If a vendor gets up and goes, your sales will come to a screeching halt
    - More competition (lower barrier to entry)

    Personally, if I was you, I'd start with AM.

    Much more beginner-friendly and doesn't require much startup capital.

    But hey, that's just my 2 cents. Do with it what you will.
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    There are many forms of online business nowadays. Affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, selling own products on own e-commerce website, etc are some of the most popular forms. But among all of them, I found affiliate marketing to be the best resulting way having less risk of losing capital. In fact, the capital you need to invest in affiliate marketing is the smallest of the other ways of online business.
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    Affiliate marketing can be the better option
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    As everyone suggesting aff marketing, you should follow the advice.
    It's low cost to start and after you get more and more experience you turn on paid traffic sources ao you can reach 6,7 figures, sky is the limit, it's not hard to scale this business.
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  • E-Commerce does require more of an investment when starting out.

    Affiliate marketing can cost you nothing. The only investment may be your autoresponder to capture email addresses but this can be as low as $15 a month (MailChimp is free, but you cannot put affiliate links in the emails).

    I personally would start with affiliate marketing and you can always develop your own brand later on with the money you make from that.
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    Hi i am interesting all related marketing topics and here i got a best detail about my topic well done.
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    I would recommend getting into E-COMMERCE buying quality products wholesale selling them for retail on Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and applications like Lego, OfferUp, and Mercari.
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    You want to genuinely love your business, feel clear on it, and focus on creating helpful content and building strong bonds in your niche. All starting points.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It is getting more difficult to succeed with affiliate marketing as time goes on, not easier. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to succeed. The timing will never be "just right" to start your business, so if you've decided to start an online business, make today the day you start it! While you likely have a lot to learn, at a certain point research and learning just becomes a barrier. Get started today and use guides like this to walk you through the process. You CAN do this!
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    affiliate marketing is the best business model to start specially if you don't have a lot of money to invest. So, you can start with under 1000$ and using free traffic strategies and hacks.
    also is a good idea to sell other people's products with having to take care about the product fulfillment, refunds, delivery..etc
    also, with this business model you goal should be to develop your marketing skills So, you can be successful in any market or other business modals

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    Every business you start , will need a proper execution and knowledge.
    If you have money for ads then dropship can be the answer.
    But if you want it slow, start making website related to your affiliate offer and SEO it, you will get results.
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    It actually depends on you, Drop shipping and affiliate marketing both are doing great these days. If you have good knowledge about facebook ads you can start drop shipping, I know some peoples doing really good with fb ads. I personally prefer affiliate marketing but it is going to take you some time to master.
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    definitely go for dropshipping. the reason is simple. money. with affiliate marketing if you sell two/three products/month you just end with 50$ if you are lucky because the margin is 7-8%.
    With dropship if you are just starting the earning are much more interisting, like if you resell a smartphone at month for 200$ and you had pay it 100$ you have just reached up the objective with one product
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    Both e-commerce or affiliate marketing can be successful. Your start up costs will depend on how you approach it. Getting traffic to a dropshipping store will probably take an investment in ads to get traffic.

    For an FBA business you may not head to pay for any traffic since Amazon already has tons of buyer traffic. However you may have some ad spend if you use Amazon's sponsored ads but that may not be needed at all.
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