Best Affiliate Platform For Product?

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Hi folks -- I'm looking to launch a product in the MMO / IM niche and I am trying to figure out which platform (CB / JVZoo / Warrior or whatever) will be able to support the upsell structure I want to use.

Basically, the front end product is a monthly subscription -- probably $ 39 -- and I want the upsell to be an upgrade to a discounted annual subscription, probably $234 (which obviously needs to replace the monthly subscription, if chosen).

I've only ever sold my products using a shopping cart before (ThriveCart) and it allows the above no problem, but on looking at ClickBank, they seem to limit upsells to $150 max, and I'm not even sure if you could have an annual recurring as an upsell anyway.

Does anyone know of a platform that would support this?

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