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I have an sport domain name and I am looking for sport news publisher who could publish news on my website. Where can I get that publishers?
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    Are you looking for a man or woman who will actually do news reporting and publishing it on your website, or simply someone to to feed and publish on your website curated sport news content?

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      I am looking someone who actually publishes news on my website and I am ready to share a bit of my revenue with him/her.
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    do you mean you want a writer to write news and articles on your new website?
    if yes, you can easily find them in freelancers website or you can get them for cheaper price by using catalogy website like olx but in developing countries since many writer freelancers post their services and have really cheap rate. you also can find a partners in online marketing forums and share some earnings with him/her
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      hey, where can I get these peoples who actually post news on my website?
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    If you have Wordpress site you can use a plugin like News Plugin and customize by keyword, publication, etc.. There are others.
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    Do you want this to be a "feed blog"? If so, then you should head on over to all of the RSS directories online, find the sports section, and import the RSS feeds of sports publishers straight into the "import RSS feed" section in the cPanel of your blog. This way you're blog will be automatically be filled with content.

    I hope you got some form of adsense or affiliate products to promote within and alongside the posts.
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