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Hi there, any suggestions on the best way to start a PLR business in 2019?

Thank you in advance.
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    Originally Posted by Shawn Walters View Post

    Hi there, any suggestions on the best way to start a PLR business in 2019?

    Thank you in advance.
    Start today. NOW.

    Maybe begin with just one PLR piece to offer, and it should go without saying, but,

    pick a topic where there is a lot of demand for that kind of information.

    Also, will you be creating the content, or mostly acquiring it? There is a glut of rehashed same old same old PLR, but you will always have a market for

    FRESH, something new and different

    type content. Jump in and get started. Visit as many PLR sites as you can find. Hopefully you've done some due diligence on the subject, or maybe this is your first query.

    What do YOU want to do?

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    Originally Posted by Shawn Walters View Post

    Hi there, any suggestions on the best way to start a PLR business in 2019?

    Thank you in advance.
    First learn from others and study marketers who have already been down your path. Marketing is marketing, and the best thing to do is to enter into a small niche, with alot of similar backend products.

    There's nothing wrong with selling in the "internet marketing" or "make money online" niches. If you have a high priced, good converting item then great. If not, you could throw money away easily instead of instantly profiting in a small niche market where you can attain marketplace dominance.

    Find niche with problem or seeking solution, bring PLR customized products to these people, and give it to them.
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  • Start a membership site with monthly fee which provide new content to the members every month. Also, it should come with affiliate program so that members can earn recurring income by referring others.
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    Find popular topics and create the entire content for someone to build a site and promote it on social media. Articles, videos, FB memes, IG posts, all niche specific. Lead with an ebook and sales material, then upsell the videos, info-graphics or whatever you have. The successful packages I've seen on JVZ all have three levels of content - FE and two OTOs.
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    Originally Posted by Shawn Walters View Post

    Hi there, any suggestions on the best way to start a PLR business in 2019?

    Thank you in advance.
    I would start by asking what "PLR business" are you thinking of, for a start?

    Would you like to start creating and selling your own PLR line of products?
    Or. do you want to start creating products to sell FROM PLR content?
    Or, do you want to start reselling PLR products as a white label owner?
    Or, do you want to sell PLR products from other PLR's sites as an affiliate?

    Many possibilities as you can see

    REVOLUCloud | A REVOLUTION Has Come, In The Cloud!
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    Be friend with PLR vendors. Start to expose yourself and let them like you so they can promote your PLR products.
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    Start as an affiliate and see if you are having some success or at least enjoy the niche. Little investment on your part and you can learn the ropes before you dive in without a net.
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    I've had my PLR Mini Mart since 2006, with almost 900 products on it now - and I'll share my thoughts:

    1. Create both a store and do launches.

    I put smaller packs straight to the store. With larger bundles, where I have a front end and OTOs, I do a one week launch on JVZoo or W+ and then place the content on my PLR store for future buyers.

    2. Create good content from day 1.

    Once your reputation tanks as shoddy content, everyone will avoid you. Have some people give it a read through to be honest with you about quality. You might think you're a good writer, but maybe you're not good enough, so you'll need either an editor or ghostwriter.

    3. For your product, choose things that sell.

    Having polled my list many times over the years, they love things like articles, reports, eBooks, email autoresponders, blog posts, video PLR and graphics. They care less about Tweets. Think in terms of meaty content.

    4. Create a launch process for your PLR.

    It should be something like this:

    - Brainstorm Topic
    - Create outline of funnel
    - Create listings on platforms where they'll sell (not live, just so people can get their links)
    - Create JV page
    - Put listings on places like Muncheye and in FB groups where PLR sellers are networking
    - Create content
    - Reach out with JV page and review copies to top PLR affiliates and vendors
    - Create sales copy
    - Make launch live

    5. Come out of the gate swinging.

    If you want to really make this a formidable business model, work hard on your first launch (not quick and sloppy like someone who is desperate). Go above and beyond. Here are some ways to impress customers and affiliates:

    - Include an unexpected and unannounced bonus for customers when they get on your list.

    - Create a UNIQUE bonus for each top affiliates to use for their list (it can even be a 5-page report, but something JUST for them).

    - Give top affiliates a bump in commission from what other public affiliates get.

    - Get on the list of people who you want to promote you and see how they "talk" to their people. Create swipe files JUST for them that mimic their style. If they usually send short and sweet emails, do that. If they send long emails with brainstorming and examples of how to use PLR, do that.

    Hope this helps!

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    I see two different approaches:

    1) Create 1 PLR pack with extraordinary content quality and sell it everywhere for a good money.

    2) Create a Membership site and buy loads of PLRs to have available to your members.

    Personally i prefer the 1st option.
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    Unfortunately the OP has not responded yet.

    I can't help but to reiterate some of the things spoken above. It really depends on what path in the realm of PLR products you want to go. As said before, you can use plr products as a foundation for unique products or you can look to create unique products that you issue plr licensing to.

    You can be both a plr buyer and a plr seller and make money both ways. It all depends on what aspect(s) of the PLR field you are leaning towards.

    There's a lot of information to gain in this field but you have to know or have the slightest interest in what you want here... last thing I (or others here) would want for you is to get information overload and maybe get stuck.

    Props to you for picking this field though. Wish you the best!
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    I would like to reiterate the emphasis on good content. There is so much shoddy stuff out there in the PLR world, that just gets regurgitated in all corners of the net. Put the time in, find a niche that is underserved, or if it's a popular niche, make it twice as good as the best one you can find...
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