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Hey guys, i promote web hosting via seo and it is turning out good. i was just wondering, if i were to send ppc traffic (to promote hostgator) to a landing page first using trademark keywords, would they still know? I already make good money but i was just curious as some others agree you can. thnx
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    This is what HG says:

    c. Paid Search Policy: You are required to comply with the following rules when bidding on keywords on any paid search
    engines or social media site, including without limitation, Google, Yahoo/Bing, Twitter and Facebook:

    1. You are prohibited from bidding on any HostGator trademarks, or any variations and misspellings thereof without
    HostGator's prior written approval. Examples of prohibited keywords are "hostgator," "HostGator," "hostgator.com,"
    "www.hostgator.com," "host gator," "hostgator reviews," "gator host," "hostgator hosting," and "hostgater."
    2. You are prohibited from bidding on keywords containing HostGator trademarks plus an additional term such as
    [hostgator coupons], [hostgator promotions], and [hostgator promos]. Further, Affiliates are NOT permitted to
    broad or phrase match any of these keywords.
    3. You are prohibited from outranking HostGator's internal paid search ad on any keywords.
    4. You are prohibited from direct linking to HostGator.com from any paid search ads.
    5. You are prohibited from using HostGator.com as a display URL.
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  • I prefer to use codecanyon and amazon affiliate programme for affiliate marketing but you can also go with facebook marketing. Get people on your group and share your ideas that will increase chance to get sponsored links and make money.
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