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An email recently popped into my box from a bulk comments service. I'm wondering if this service will be something I could effectively use to sell my online books. Does anybody have experience with these bulk comments either on a person's website or blog or FB page really bringing in sales?

Thanks for your answer.
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    It depends on what type of bulk commenting they do

    If they offer SEO keywords bulk comments, most of the links generated are junk. These are also very indiscriminate when it comes to niche targeting.

    If they offer CUSTOM commenting on CHERRY PICKED blogs (based on niche relevance and ALEXA score), these MIGHT be helpful if the posts are:
    * unique
    * responsive
    * draws a tight connection between a CONTENT PAGE on your site (instead of just spamming the homepage) and the ACTUAL BLOG POST'S TOPIC they are commenting on

    Given the specifics above of the latter approach, such 'bulk comments' would cost a pretty penny.

    Besides cost, another potential drawback is TRACKING. You don't really know which comment pulled in the most traffic and if that traffic CONVERTS to sales.

    So many variables but the latter may work provided the RIGHT CONDITIONS
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    Sad that people are still doing this.
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    in marketing doing most anything in bulk is probably a bad idea
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