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has anyone been accepted into this. I just found it yesterday. I am a subscriber to a youtube channel "Sam the Cooking Guy" I love his videos. Anyway, I was reading the description in one of his videos and it had a link to his kitchen "Must Haves" When I clicked it it took me to a page on amazon, so I started reading about it.

The influencer program is an extension of the associates program that you have to qualify for. Sam qualified with his youtube channel, he has 722k subscribers. You can probably imagine he makes a substantial income from amazon even at 4% commission

Currently you have to qualify with either YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I am sure they will add pinterest at some time. From what I read they look at subscribers, followers and other metrics to determine if you qualify or not.

Once accepted you "Own" a page on amazon. So I guess it is time to become an influencer.

here is a link to the program if you want to read about it

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    Sounds like an excellent program to get into if you are eligible, I wonder what the thresholds are for followers and such. I am seeing commission rates any where between 1 and 10 %.
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      Originally Posted by jmosticc22 View Post

      Sounds like an excellent program to get into if you are eligible, I wonder what the thresholds are for followers and such. I am seeing commission rates any where between 1 and 10 %.
      Well like I said, Sam has a youtube subscriber list of over 700k and he also has his website. I think I will try and search and see what I come up with

      The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I saw that program a while ago, but it didn't strike me as very interesting -- at least not for our purposes.

    It's essentially an add on to the regular Amazon Associates program that gives you a custom storefront to showcase a set of products that you highlight -- and while I suppose that might be interesting for some users, we'd rather host our storefront ourselves. We do this so that (a) we can highlight products that appear on sites other than Amazon, (b) we can try to capture users' email addresses when they visit our site (c) we can monetize our site traffic with direct ad sales, (d) we can highlight other sections of our website and (e) we make our site a destination in itself for the types of products we highlight, primarily for end users but also for search engines and the like.

    Yes, there's a lot more work to hosting your own storefront, but -- to us at least -- it's well worth it.
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    I am a member of it, and I haven't used it. It doesn't have any benefits. Just build a website or a blog and promote the items you like from there.
    Or redirect your followers to your website. From there you'll get much better conversion rate, than just making them go straight to Amazon.
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    I am a member of it, but don't use it. It's a marketing gimmick for Amazon to get free traffic, unless you know what you're doing and have a way of warming up your followers to buy immediately.

    This program is for social media promotions (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). I do have a large following, but I'm not sending them to Amazon until they are ready to buy. Amazon has a 24 hour cookie, so most of the traffic you send to them will just be wasted.
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