how do I know that the visitors from which traffic source actually does something on my website?

by srb11
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this is a question about traffic analysis tool let's suppose I have like 20 different traffic sources to my website

then how can I know that visitors from which traffic sources actually are real humans and do something on my website? (browse, scroll down and click buttons and move around inner pages like that)

As we know, we don't have time for testing each traffic source at a time, so what I wanna do is that buy traffic from 20+ different sources at once and analyse and find out which traffic sources are actually real humans and do something on my website
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    There are scripts that monitor the visitors footsteps to your website.

    One of them is Matomo (formerly Piwik).

    It can't track however google keywords as "they" don't want you to know them.

    But it can track the referring URL and any actions they take on your website.

    Install this and you're golden.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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      Thank you George
      I just installed matomo on my website
      but the dashboard looks quite similar to statcounter
      is it actually better than statcounter?

      I didn't find the section yet where I can see the behaviours by referrers
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    You're welcome.

    Install the javascript code on the webpages you want to track
    and with the first trickle of visitors, you'll see *live* their actions.

    It has other features but you have to figure it out, it's easy.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Hi srb11, I believe Google Analytics has a script that does just what you're looking for. You could look into it to find out more information. The great thing about that solution is that it's free.

    "Give a person a fish they can eat for that day: teach them how to fish they can eat for their lifetime".

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    I found someone said

    "use javascript or etc to download (set no cache flag) a 1x1 pixel image every time an event is triggered."

    Is there any solution offering this?
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    Like many other suggests, just use please some script from something like Google Analytics with correctly setup tags and goals around that matter, you may also try other tracking solutions like Clicky for example if I am not mistaken anyway.
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    You need to use a traffic software. I use clickmagic because they have great video tutorials that show you how to set up a tracking campaign for pretty much anything.
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    A good question indeed. The first thing to come in mind is that the largest traffic source should be your winner, but what to do in case you had similar numbers.

    One way is that you can set traffic goals on Analytics by assigning each source to a different conversion type.

    Above, a member suggested going with some scripts, such as Piwik, (a GREAT alternative to GA), but in your case, you won't have the option to use your previous data gathered on Analytics (I don't think there is a way to import it). So yes, it will help -maybe?), but only for the future stats.
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    try inspectlet, it has a free version and monitors what the user does.

    Beta testing it myself

    Looking for a JV Partner in digital services
    Message me!!!

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    Yandex Metrica
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    So you can tell at a glance how different traffic sources are performing, I highly recommend:

    1. Installing Google Analytics and setting up conversion goals for each important action you want visitors to take.

    2. Assigning a value to each different conversion goal, even for non transaction-related conversions.

    One advantage to doing so is to enable the Page Value metric, which is useful in comparing page performance. It can be some arbitrary value, or better yet, you can calculate how much an average action is worth to you, and assign that value to the conversion goal.

    Once conversion goals are in place, you can easily compare traffic sources to see which are converting, and how well, by going to:

    Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium and then configuring the Goals dropdown in the Conversions column.

    ~ Marty Foley
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