Where to find clients who need custom software developed

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My back-ground is originally in lead-gen (I have ran multiple successful cold-email campaigns).

I have recently started a software company, we do custom development for SAAS companies or startups (both web, and mobile development). But I have no idea where to find a list of potential clients to cold email.

Right now I've been hitting up startups that are hiring on Angel List, and also RemoteOK, and that's generating some traction, but not as much as I want.

Any ideas on where I should look for clients who need custom-software developed for them?
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    I assume that you are already having a website. Get your website optimized by a good SEO team and developer for the services keyword which you are providing. Being a SAAS company, you can also try out with LinkedIn campaigns.
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    Originally Posted by Garik Tate View Post

    But I have no idea where to find a list of potential clients to cold email.

    Your problem in a nutshell.

    You need to focus on a market and now you have some direction for your pursuit of an email list.

    Another idea (after you do the first) is to actually create solutions for that market and put up your own SAAS platform.

    Between the two, you will garner substantial market penetration and go from there.
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    See products which are already sold on websites like Appsumo and product hunt. These are more or less custom softwares focussed on providing a solution to people. Then create similar products and launch them on similar platforms.

    Within no time u will get sales.
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    what kind of saas companies? Technology, finance, gaming. You need niche down your objectives, before you ask where should i go. All the companies are out there in the web but the more specific you will get, you will get clarity on where to look!
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    get a good seo or you can also post adds by google or instagram
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    Have you tried freelancer marketplaces like upwork, freelancer, etc...?
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    I think the best place to start is your website. Let it be well optimized and request visitors to fill a form where they can leave their websites. You will collect enough emails from people interested in what you are offering.
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    One of my close friends runs a erp software company. So, I watched and heard him how he sources his clients:

    Website: they have a very good website. They promote it in different social media and google local business which generates leads for them and thereby customers

    Personal reference: He always asks his friends and his clients to refer his service to others who might need it. This way, he gets couple of orders in each months. You can try that too.

    Client outreach: He collects leads from different sources continuously and reaches out to them via calling or emailing. This gets him a lot of clients in every month.

    This is how an erp systems software company typically sources clients.
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    1) At local tech events. This depends on where you're at as some areas like the bay are obviously more tech centric.

    2) Freelance sites like upwork, freelancer, guru.com etc.

    3) On LinkedIn, I LOVE this site!

    It's a crowded space, so I would recommend developing a specialty. For example, you could start off specializing in web apps and then zero in on clients looking for this service. This will allow you to create content much easier instead of trying to cover everything. Then, after you have established your reputation you can start expanding into other services and you will already have an established customer base.
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