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How do you keep your keywords, links, articles, projects, affiliates, etc. organized? Would you share your system or helpful tips? It seems like the organization of all of this information could lead to the saving of valuable time.
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    With computerized charts, folders, schedules, to-do lists
    along with a bunch of old-fashioned notebooks, charts,
    folders, calendars, schedules and to-do lists

    But seriously, take some time out to get your projects
    organized and spend some time every few days staying
    that way. Although it's time-consuming, it will save you
    time in the long run.

    Being organized requires a constant effort, it's not just
    something you do every once in awhile.
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    Here's my newest sanity preservation tool:

    Bare Bones Software | Yojimbo

    By tagging things a few times, you develop a natural inventory of categories and keywords to associate your information with and it gets easier and easier to do.

    My favorite feature is printing to PDF directly into Yojimbo. This keeps me from collecting so many files cluttering up the desktop and the mind. Plus, I often drag off and to the right to drop a file onto the desktop for later (or into folders on the right side). Yojimbo has a cool little palette that you drop stuff into by project.

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