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Alright guys I'm completely new to proxies and just gonna try to implement some pintrest automation in my marketing strategy and i would like to clarify some things regarding proxies. Can i host multiple IPs on a VPS and where do I lease/buy the IPs? Can i use any IP or are there any other considerations that I need to take note of?
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    Welcome Calvin, you have asked very good questions. I am also interested in answers and so I will keep my eyes on this thread. I know there are plenty of people who will be able to assist us.
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    Hello Calvin,
    Yes you can host multiple IPs on a VPS however, what you really needs is IP rotation. Your IPs have to be able to rotate with fresh IP from time to time so ISP and google does not detect and black them and banned them.
    No you cannot use any IPs. For instance, you cannot use Class C IPs to do what you are trying to do. Hope that help and wish you luck

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    If you're using your accounts you want dedicated proxies for the accounts so it doesn't look like you're logging in from random places all over the world. If you're scraping, then rotating proxies is a great way to go.

    It's usually easier and cheaper to buy from a proxy provider than adding the IPs to a VPS.
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