I'm looking for a "dependable" technical/programmer guy/gal. to work as my partner

by Ken Troyer 2 replies
Hi all,

Yes, I'm at the point in my IM career where I need a full-time tech/programming person.

I need someone who is passionate and enjoys the technical side of internet marketing. This position could lead to a partnership with me in the future...but for now, I just need to get to know you and your skills.

I will pay you per project, or per hour...whatever you prefer. I just need your full-time attention whenever I send you an email.

If you meet the following criteria...please PM me.

1.) You enjoy working with web code, building sites, troubleshooting, and etc.
2.) You have several years of actual hands-on experience
3.) You have some examples of past experience.
4.) You communicate well in English
5.) You can do custom web programming.
6.) You have experience working with Joomla and Wordpress and plugins associated with them.
7.) You can install and update scripts.

Again...if you meet these requirements, or if you know of someone who does...please PM me to talk about the details.

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