Recent Adobe Acrobat Features?

by Jeffsteez 2 replies
I remember reading about some new Adobe Acrobat features that have come with the recent release of Acrobat 9.

The ability to embed flash video is a great feature - but is it possible to add updating content to a pdf. For example if you create a viral PDF you can have an advert page that is read from your webserver?

Is this possible? Does anyone know what the feature is called?

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    You will need Acrobat 9 Pro or Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

    I believe you can use video that is not from your hard drive embedded directly into the pdf, so that would make it possible to add updating content to a pdf, because if the video source is a location online and you change the video online then the next time the user opens the pdf the video that would play should be updated also.
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    The video I have I don't need to update - thanks for the info though.

    I need text updating. For example, I'd ideally like to have footer links that can be updated and perhaps a whole page ad at the back.

    I've read elsewhere that since you can embed flash into Acrobat, and Flash can display an HTML page then it should be possible. I've not been through that process myself, so not sure how difficult it is. I just wondered if there was a more direct way of doing it with any of the new Acrobat versions?
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