How to get a free target traffic to a web proxy?

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Hi warriors,

Back in 2010, I discovered that "yahoo answers" contain a lot of people asking daily about "web proxies" so i built a proxy directory "website" contain of a fresh web proxy list updated daily, placed Adsense Ads, and used yahoo answer to get traffic from it, and i made some profits.
Suddenly in 2014, a lot of spammers used yahoo answers to market their websites and that's forced yahoo to delete a lot of questions in this niche till the people knows that yahoo answers don't allow the questions in this field, so the traffic stops from this source.

Now we're in 2019 and i think of building another proxy directory, but with a new traffic sources, so what's the best free traffic sources for that kind of websites to use in 2019 and 2020?
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    I'd say SEO since you insists it be free traffic! It's going to take some time and effort but it's free and would worth your while in the end!
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    Yahoo systems don't work well . . . they will delete answers or ban websites, for no good reason, and offer no explanation or appeal.

    Doing something similar on Quora can be effective, BUT the problem is ultimately the same one . . . if that's all you use, then someone else has complete control over your results. There have been major Quora personalities, with literally millions of answers and followers, who's account has been closed, for no reason, with no explanation and no possibility of appeal.

    So, like anyone else's system, you can't predict what they'll do, so . . . spread your efforts over many systems, so you spread the risk. Plus this is better for SEO anyway, so will give you improved results for the same efforts.

    For example, find ways to post content on social-media . . . videos on Pinterest, FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. as well as YouTube, and articles on your site, promoted to those sites, and some Quora answers, and free ads, free upload sites etc. etc.

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    Find forum discussions where people are actively asking for proxies

    You can also search for blog posts that list proxies

    You can also try Quora

    The bottom line: people are already clamoring for proxies, you just need to be proactive in finding these discussions and social media posts and joining the conversation.

    DELIVER VALUE: post content that shares many different proxy options not just yours

    The more value you deliver to the lives of others, the more likely you'll get the reward you're looking for
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    Hey on a related note can you buy proxy traffic and roughly how much are the rates
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