How to retrieve "Gone" Wordpress Posts

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Hello everyone, we are just so worried about this. We revamped a big site (100 pages) and in order not to mess the live site, we used a staging server. We also made sure to make a backup of the original site.

Finally, the client gave us the green light to deploy our mockup site to the live site. However, after a few days, the client found out that there are few missing posts. What we did, since we have the backup file, we restored it in our staging server. However, those posts are also missing from that backup file. The client has the links of the missing posts. I googled them using that links and they were indexed by google.

We contacted the support but they don't have backup anymore that particular date before we deploy our mockup in the live site. The client doesn't have the copies of those posts (articles) because I suggested that we will just post them manually.

My question now, is there a tool to at least view the content of those "gone" articles? We tried but they don't have results. Your help will be highly appreciated. We are so worried about this because it may affect the site's SEO.
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