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Hey you good people,

Hope your continuing to make millions from your online ventures.

I have a quick question i am struggling with, if i am advertising using banner ads on various sites. Spending £100 with one site, £70 with another. What is the best tracking software i can use to monitor the traffic to my website, to find out which visitor came from which site and there actions when on the site?

If anyone could help i would be very grateful. Thank you so much and take care.
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    I use clixtrac, I know quite a few that use clickmagic although I have never used it so I could not give an honest opinion.

    clixtrac works great for me


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    For me personally I use Google Analytics. Every banner goes to a specific landing page and from there you let google Analytics take over the tracking and success by implementing "Goals".
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    Is the traffic going just to your website or are you looking to measure ctr to links as well???
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    I use statcounter.com

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    i personally using Google Analytics

    and it's amazing, it has all what i need and best of all

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