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Hi I left the IM scene 8 years ago because of financial reasons. Now that I have my life back on track I'd like to take one more shot at it.

I'm interested in print on demand t shirts to sell. I know t shirt designing and would love to use this skill. That way I can do what I love and make money out of it at the same time.

I recently bought a domain though and started to build a website. I planned to have my Teespring campaigns on the website. However as I got further and further on my website building I realized that teespring has it's own checkout page and I am unable to embed it on my own website.

So now, I'm planning to have my domain redirect to my Teespring storefront and use that instead as my "website".

My question is, is that okay SEO wise? I plan to get traffic via instagram and facebook ads. OR... if there is a way that I can embed my campaign into my ecommerce website, I can do that instead.

I'd like to know what people who sell T-shirts on teespring do to market their campaigns as a sort of input. Do they market the shirts on their website? Or have the teespring storefront itself be the website?
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    Life has moved on... what research have you done recently? The stuff that worked 8 years ago is not likely to work today. Traffic sources, conversion tools, platforms and most importantly HIGHLY INCREASED COSTS all need another look.
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    Warrior Forum is a good place to get ideas but, in your situation you could also benefit from the T-Shirt Forum. Good luck!
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    Too many people have automated POD already on platforms like society6, teespring, displate, they upload hundreds of design a day so it's impossible for normal folks to compete with them.
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    Shopify has a lot of print on demand options. Don't know if you need to work with Shopify or can contact these providers independently, Printful is one that to comes mind. Years ago I sold a lot with Spreadshirt (still get occasional orders).
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    As you are building new website for your T-shirts design and printing, I would like to suggest you to do SEO with right person or by yourself. Beside you can do Google adwords campaigns too. And you will find lots of online T-shirts hub.
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    The simple and short answer is to use the Teespring storefront's easier to use since it's already provided and more importantly, people are going to trust the Teespring storefront more than your own website..
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    Life has moved on... what research have you done recently?
    This /\

    T-shirt marketing has moved far beyond TS. I would go so far as to opine TS is the worst option available.
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    List marketing through FB ads still works

    Great way to turn $1 into $3 to $5

    You have to be willing to push through the LEARNING CURVE though

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    I would say have the teespring storefront itself be the website.
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    My advice is that you use printful instead of tee spring. Printful gives you a lot of autonomy and independence. You can also integrate printfull with woo-commerce on a word press site. This will give your site a sense of independence and uniqueness.
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  • Not much has changed. The "tools in the box" have changed, but the marketing itself is still the same. It would be better if you had your own site and DIDN'T redirect to a Teespring platform. Once the platform is gone, so is your website. It's not hard to find a website designer. Even more important, you have to consider the costs of operation - along with the cost of inventory. Tell me this... why sell a particular kind of T-shirt(s) VS other forms of products to sell online? No right or wrong answer, just want to make sure you've done your market research first.

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  • Promote SaaS products instead as they are sold over the internet, no issues with delivery and they pay high and recurring commissions.

    You obviously know how internet marketing works, just go for a service that sells well online like software.

    Good luck!
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