The seven web conversion goals

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This is perhaps the most common website conversion. Depending on your business, you may either sell a product or service.

Form submission
These let audience fill out a form for something that could perhaps be a service request, signup for a seminar, a limited-offer promo, among others.

Then we have signups, where customers are either asked for their email as in subscribing to a newsletter, or their mobile number as in opting to receive SMS alerts.

Click buttons
This could either be a download, a link to an external site, or could lead users to the checkout page.

Account signups
These let customers create an account to, for example, gain access to a limited-access forum such as signing up for Warrior Forum.

Share buttons
And these are usually icons which when clicked will instantly share your content to any of the following major social platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat.

App install
With an increased ubersiation of services, many businesses often build an app to cater to a niche, such as food delivery, cab-hailing service, music subscription, among others.
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