Teaching What You Need to Learn

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There are a number of studies running around that indicate the process of teaching something you are learning increases your ability to learn. As in just trying to learn something is about 5% effective vs Teaching what you need to learn increases ones ability to learn by 95%.

So here we are the world over, locked down to some extent, bored out of our minds ( some if not most of us anyways ) with nothing but a bunch of time on our hands.

So the principle is this... you want to learn how to ( thinking thinking thinking <insert loading circle icon> ) build a website. you simple start reading material about how to build a website and then SHARE aka TEACH with others how to do what it is you are learning.

The process of converting your learning into words of teaching will increase your ability to learn. The WF happens to be a great platform to do this - So is social media and blog posts for that matter.

So I challenge any and all to share what it is they are spending this time ( Corona Virus lock down ) learning, and open a topic and start sharing what it is you are learning in an effort to help others - to open a avenue of discussion with others that may be learning the same thing.. and those that already know - and may be able to assist you along the way.

So if you are learning PHP right now head over to the Programming Forum and teach us something. Or if you are working with a system to get better reach socially share that on the Social Media Forum. Or any topic you may personally be working on.

The vastness of interests and experience here on this forum ( WF ) is hugely under utilized. SHARE with all of us what you are learning - and understand in doing so you will actually be increasing your ability to learn.

Hope to see some stuff posted!
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    It's such a nice post and a wonderful idea. I totally agree with you about the fact that you learning much more if you teaching someone the same. I remember in school, we(students) were given homework or a task to teach the class some topic, you learn for example some rule or scheme and if you try to teach others; you would learn much more this rule or scheme. Even if you prepare the material in the home for tomorrow's teaching, you would learn more than just trying to solve some physic equation.

    Again, nice post, hope this world situation will bring some positive stuff to our lifes too.
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    It is the same thing as repeated learning. When you get exposed to the same knowledge again and a gain. ,it increases your chances of mastering the skill.
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    I've learned SO MUCH about what I teach since I started teaching it!

    People constantly ask me where I got my education from. Little do they know that I am getting my education every time I make a new instructional video!
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  • Natchrlly as a Sagittarius fulla sh*t, this is my areah.

    So I would wanna figure a real sweet touchpoint here.

    'Pon evrywan, between & for all -- in kinda filosofical ways transcend base porno.

    Gotta figure how sum lame kinda virus exposes all kindsa previously smarter-than-thou smarts.

    So we gotta work out here ... to what extent ima complicit ... to what extent ima so stoopid anyways .. plus also it gonna be 2025 soon enough, so what the frick is alla that about, actschwlly?

    Far as I can go with what I got?

    Far as anythin' wants my ass?

    Far as any kinda transactional milieux smacks sweet on anywan's dreams & schemes rn?

    What I love so 'bout the hooman brain is how it learns on the job.

    Plus also it is real cool 'bout decidin' whose job plenty stuff actschwlly is.

    Tellya, we all suckin' in so much crapola there ain't no problem on the LEARNIN' score.

    Plus also, we equally susceptible to grindin' out our days pursooin' DUMBO EXPERTISE.

    Which is why I would want always to rest in a troothful place between my way crazy ignorance 'bout most stuffs an' the shit I can actschwlly figure.

    Movin' target, always ...

    Amassin' knowledge only to discovah how trooly evrywan is kinda lost.

    Dunno, learnin' is real catalytic reach out an' DO SUMTHIN' stuff.

    Without this desire in your heart -- real courage to crash an' burn maxo stoopido -- you jus' a frickin' dope.

    Alternative is ... amoeboids prevail ... an' amoeboidism becomes THE DREAM.

    So, yeah -- let's all blitz out on the sparky stuffs.

    Suits Moi, tellya.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    It is a very well known concept, presented in a Latin proverb:
    "Docendo discimus" (Seneca)
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  • I can vouch for this idea. If you're teaching someone how to cook lasagna, and you've made it before - but haven't mastered it... everytime you try to teach someone else how to make inherently gives you more practice.

    The more people you teach it to, the more practice you get, the serious and accurate you will become, and the better you will become at learning how to make some great lasagna.

    This applies not only to food, but to everything in the life. Including internet marketing.
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    I'm guessing this is due to the added accountability, as you'd want to make sure that whatever you teach is accurate.

    Additionally, being more intimate with the subject (by teaching it) naturally makes you more curious. These leads you to tweak something you already knew and improve it, or change things up, or go back to the drawing board after realizing there are more efficient ways to go about it.

    In any case, I do agree this is effective.
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