Key tips to hosting your online event

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Anyone of us surely have attended an online event some time in the past; perhaps you might even have attended a webinar on social media moments ago. And others still might be pondering how to host an online event, especially now that social distancing has been pretty much the norm. Here are some insights.

Live tweet your event

Start a Twitter conversation (with the correct hashtag, of course) related to your event. Ask questions. Create polls. Have people join the thread and write their insights on the event.

Use stories

And there are three big names to boot - Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories (the latter two of which can cross-post), and Snapchat. Stories make great platforms to share quick photos and videos about what's happening to your event, right now, and in real-time.

Collaborate with an influencer

And it's way much better if said influencer is the guest speaker or event host. This attracts more audience, giving your brand authority.

Encourage engagement

If you find live-tweeting or posting a story too cumbersome, you can also enable a live Q&A session during the event. You could enable live chat where participants can type questions in a chatbox as they wish, or you can gather 5-10 questions from people and announce them live.
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