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I just found this great forum. I am very new to internet marketing. I got interested in it after writing a couple of small ebooks on time management. The first one I gave away thinking it would drive traffic to my blog and I would get adsense revenue. I made a whopping $4.50. The second one I sold using Click2sell and payloadz and after advertising on craigslist and a couple of other free places, I have sold about $120 worth of ebooks. It has peaked my interest as I have another ebook in the works. Most things I have read say to give an ebook away to get traffic, but in my niche, the ads from adsense are from competitors, so I think it is kind of silly

I need some ideas to expose the product more. Also, I am just using blogger with no domain name. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    newbie here too...
    i am also keen to learn about IM...
    All i can answer to you from my knowledge is that it is best to use personalized domain name and hosting...

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    1 - Get your own domain
    2 - put a wordpress blog on it and load it up with good, solid, valuable content. Use plugins, like all-in-one SEO, to help it rank in the search engines. Make sure you optimize your post titles and permalink structure to rank in the SE too.
    3 - Start driving traffic to it with article marketing, whcih will also get you some nice backlinks to your blog. Some of these articles could be repurposed blog posts
    4 - Get more links and traffic using blog carnivals
    5 - Start a social media campaign using stumble upon, Digg, delicious, twitter, MIXX, SPHINN, etc.
    6 - Make some videos, possibly using variations of your blog content for parts of the videos, and use them to generate even more traffic.
    7 - make sure you're using an auto repsonder to start building a list. Give away a course to get people to sign up for the list and give yourself additional chances to market your ebook or other products to them.

    That's a start.
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    One thing you can do before following opportuitiesaplenty good advice is take a look at your ebooks and see how you can put some affiliate links in your ebooks. Make sure they are related to the ebook and will help the user. By doing that it will make it almost automatic for someone to go through your affiliate link. Now when you give away your ebook you will beable to make money from the affiliate links if some one buys or signs up through it. This will increase the chances of making money.
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    You didn't say if you have an affiliate program running for your ebook. Best exposure you can get is to get affiliates and JV partners to promote for you.

    See my sig for help with that.
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