The Best Google Adwords Training Money Can Buy

by Daniel E Taylor 1 replies
If you are not using Google Adwords... Well... it's 2008...

But I understand you can lose fast if you don't know what
the hell you are doing.

Alot of things have changed since I started with adwords so I
had to take a refresher course.

It actually was the free google help.

They have really raised the bar.

they have step by step videos on how to set up
and optimize. I have increased my profits significantly
by doing some of the things they suggested.

You really should check those free tutorials out.

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    Daniel, you mean Google has finally put out some stuff on Adwords that
    can actually help you? This would most certainly be a first as I have found
    most of their "help" to be pretty poor.

    Thanks for filling us in. I'll definitely take a look.
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    My Adwords strategy is pretty simple... I don't remember where I learned it though... there was a unicorn and beef jerky involved I think...

    Create eye catching ads (hint: use asterisks, LOL), set your daily budget to $20 and your maximum CPC to $5 for the first day. You won't get the full $5 per click but by having a high maximum CPC, low daily budget and an eye catching ad your CTR will be high (fewer impressions and clicks thanks to the daily budget).

    High CTR = lower CPC, so the next day you see what your average CPC was and you change the maximum CPC to that value and you also set your target position (in the campaign settings) to 1. CTR stays high, CPC goes down, change your maximum CPC to yesterday's average and keep repeating that until you can maintain the first to third position with a relatively low CPC - then you up your budget for more clicks.

    Well, that's it in a nutshell... obviously I could type a 20 page essay on keyword research and how to create converting websites but I've got work to do!
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