What would you do if you have 1 Million Visitors per month?

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Hello all..

I have more than one million visitors per month but still making less than 5k.

I am using adsense and some own products.

People say I should be making way more.

What am I doing wrong and what should I be doing?

Thanks in advance.
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    Are the people saying you should be making more even aware of your niche or traffic source?

    If you are in a low paying niche AND/OR your traffic source is NOT Tier1, less than $5K per month is par for the course

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    This may sound overrated raunkekk but are you building a list? Think of a need your visitors may have and look for ways to entice them to signup to your list.

    Do a little brainstorming on the type of content that you can follow up with. I'm sure that if you build a relationship with your subscribers you'll be able to increase your sales by a nice margin.
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    Yeah, a list would definitely be the way to go. With all of that traffic if you haven't been building a list then you are literally throwing money out the window.

    Build a list and create a relationship with that list. This should allow you to squeeze some more money out of all that traffic you are getting.

    Again you could be making more, but it depends on your niche and how much they buy. Take your time to figure out what type of content they respond to and give them that.
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  • The reply will be different for Stock Market then it would be for Adult or Freebie Seekers.

    If I hit a brick wall I would cash out for the big bucks start again knowing you will have a full funnel/system in place already researched.

    Congrats....even $10 recurring in COVID is a blessing.

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    So the main goal here is converting and building loyalty. Your traffic is absolutely amazing and some people strive for it every day - so let's make the most of it. Try and make sure you have some CTA's, clear events you want these consumers to take. Have you got any methods that are encouraging people to buy? By this, I mean pop-ups, or suggestions of related things etc etc. You want to open as many doors as you can. Another tip is, are you answering potential questions through your content? Users are LAZY, they could be hesitant...but they might not want to go out of their way to ask. So to limit this, answer potential questions through your content, add an FAQ page or chatbot and that could help. Create a list like others are saying as this will keep people in one place; you can then follow up. Any CRM tools are great or even contact lists in email tools. You should use these contacts to reach out and keep them in the loop. Any form of encouragement will add confidence to a hesitant buyer. Make sure your site speed is good! You should run an audit on your site to pick up on any technical issues that could be affecting a customers experience. Hope any of this helps!
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    Wow bro, normally it's the other way round, that people have products, but no traffic;-)

    You have lots of options..

    Just think about WHY people are on your website?
    Why are they interested? What do they want to see there?

    --> then you just need to offer a solution in combination with your free content.
    Sell a low priced product which leads to high commissions of $1000 or more.

    That way you will earn much more than 5k

    Imagine only 2 of 1 million people buy a product for $2000. You would already earn 9k (4+5) a month - the sky is the limit
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    You can observe that witch product are most popular and increasing views then you produce lowest/cheapest product to more attraction people.
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    If it is real eyeball traffic then definitely create something you give them free to entice them to sign up to get it and build that list. If you don't build a list for you then all you are doing is making Google more rich while they sell ads on your site.

    Create a one sheet or a cheat sheet or some free info product and just interupt the traffic a bit to get your list going and them you can begin selling direct to the customers as well as your adword income.

    Sell your products via your list.
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    This is very good opportunity to start accepting guest posts. If you have good traffic, that means you have lot of visitors. If you provide valuable content your visitors will read this. You can start earning from the guest writers who are interested to post content on your website, This way you will get quality and new content every day which will increase your visitors even more . In addition, you can get extra income from the guest posts. For an example, you can charge 10-15 $ per 500 words guest posting.
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      Woudn't paid links on my website affect my SEO?
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    You have to get in touch with your audience and make them stay loyal to you. Create good content, ask their opinion on what they would like to see, and you'll see improvements.
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    It would depend more on your objectives. If your marketing goal was to generate traffic and gain visitors, this will be an excellent milestone, but if you want to generate sales, you need to focus more on the areas that are going to pay off like paid ads. Google ads can be a great way to test out this and work on your marketing strategy accordingly.
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  • 1. Are those 1 million targeted buyers, or are they just random freebie seekers?

    2. Are those viewers going into a sales funnel for those products being promoted on your website?

    There's alot of variables that can be tweaked to improve your overall website conversion rate. So you have to be a tad more specific.
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    A few things:

    1. I would look at the quality of your visitors. If many of them aren't converting to sales maybe you should be targeting a different audience.

    2. If audience isn't the problem maybe it's the products and/or price. You may want to look at that as maybe adding different products of better quality, higher interest, or a different price may do the trick at converting more of your visitors into sales.

    3. Are you upselling your existing customers? Build a list of everyone you make a sale to and then follow up regularly with additional offerings that may interest them. This will exponentially increase as you continue to make $5k/month in new sales and then add those new people to your list and continue to make additional sales to each customer.
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    The fact that you mentioned Adsense says it all, most Adsense sites are something related to random topics, multiple categories, news, and so on..

    If I were you, then I would consult a funnel/conversion/ROI expect that can come up with a solid plan, but that may be difficult if your content is all over the place,

    however, your expert may be able to come up with something and may have you target certain pages in order to increase your revenue AdSense or non-Adsense...
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    You are doing great How is that person doing that has the nerve to put your accomplishment down I would love to have traffic like that
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    Originally Posted by raunekk View Post

    I am using adsense and some own products.
    That's your problem right there. Don't stop using them but incorporate an opt in newsletter. That way you can build your list and recommend products that you can earn as an affiliate.
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  • Do you get their email addresses? If not, you should use email marketing service provider to get their emails so you can make more money in your list!
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    This sounds sad raunkekk but are you collecting their emails? Try to have a decent lead magnet to grab their attention and get their contact information for future

    Think about the potential contents you might come up with. In my opinion, it's all about your connection with your audience, and after that, you will make a huge profit out of it

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    It depends on the visitors and content. If you take traffic from Social media then you won't generate good revenue as compare to Organic traffic from Google.
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    Direct your visitors to Youtube or Instagram, your own channel or sell some real views to other channel.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    You should convert all the visiter into the buyer and grow your business, this is the best opportunity if you have real targeted visiter.
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    If the traffic is bringing you $5K a month on adsense or related, than you should be building lists, offering affiliate products or better promote your own product. I don't know what the market is but like some others mentioned, in this hard days it does not look bad returns for cold traffic.
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    Most important get their email addresses and build a list to market to. Give a free checklist or report in exchange for their emails.

    Email them at least a few times a week - even if it's just saying "hey have you seen the post from today?"

    You already know what they're interested in - what problems they're experiencing - the reason why they are visiting your site. So now just include affiliate offers that fulfill their needs in the regular emails you're sending to them.
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    I doubt if your claim is legit. Tell us what brings a million visitors to your site? What is it all about and what niche is it in?
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    Although they pay less, I would suggest a few Amazon block ads down the side on every page that detect the sort of thing they should be displaying by themselves.

    In my experience, if people click it's like dropping someone in the middle of of a mega store. Having done this, they don't necessarily buy what they clicked on but start looking around with that, hmmmm, while I'm here mentality. Often they buy some expensive stuff.

    Marriage, For The Best Arguments

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    In fact I expound more about this $1 MIL deal on video..

    If you had one million unique visitors to your website you'd be bought in a year.

    Plata o Plomo

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    List building / Lead generation
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    what are you doing to get that much traffic? What steps did you take to find your niche? I've been online for a year now and no where near that traffic.
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  • Hi Mate, This is amazing stuff.

    driving 1 million users is no easy task. you must have done hard work for this traffic.

    Do you need to understand user activities such as what they are doing?

    if they are not buying your products that means there is something which is not compelling.

    you need to understand of your products and services.

    Analyse user activity and buying intension what they are ttyping in the google and coming to your website.

    Do analyse your campagin you will automatically get to know what I am missing.
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      Originally Posted by sandeepyadav1989 View Post

      Hi Mate, This is amazing stuff.

      driving 1 million users is no easy task. you must have done hard work for this traffic.

      Do you need to understand user activities such as what they are doing?

      if they are not buying your products that means there is something which is not compelling.

      you need to understand of your products and services.

      Analyse user activity and buying intension what they are ttyping in the google and coming to your website.

      Do analyse your campagin you will automatically get to know what I am missing.
      Great insight!. Knowing what visitors do on your site is important. It helps you plan and strategies.
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    at 1M visitor per month, you should definitely be making more than that. Have you checked where you traffic is coming from? are they real or bots? are they from the demographic that you are catering to? from my experience, anything less than targeted website traffic is pointless. it would be hard to convert them otherwise. it's the same whether you get your traffic organically or you buy website traffic from sources like fiverr, maxvisits.com, and many others. even buying traffic from Google or Facebook is no guarantee that they'll convert
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    Building A list is great idea, as you can follow them up again and again with your marketing messages and offers without spending penny.

    I am not an expert, but I learnt this from buying lots of courses, All the big marketers advice building a list and promoting high converting offers.

    Now a days it takes around 32 exposure before someone decides to buy.

    I hope you find this helpful .
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    You should create your own brand of items, build an email marketing lists as well as a text message marketing list. Selling services or items related to your niche demographic will be key to generating more income. Build your own brand and logo.
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    Do you mind sharing the niche of the website? Also, can you share the number of pages each visitor views on average?
    Where only the best tips, techniques, and advice are voted to the top.
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    Lot's of great advise but I think most of us know that ultimately we will have to come out of our shells and do something different, maybe even crazy... and part of that means being on video.
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    What is key , is where is the traffic coming from .

    It may be most likely different sources , so you would need to analyse each source of traffic . Once you know what is driving them to your page , you can see whether your offer is relevant .

    Also are you sure that a large percentage of these visitors are not robots .

    If the traffic is genuine , adapt your offers in line with the source the traffic is originating from . So in need go the affiliate route with certain offers . So that your traffic is actually interested in the page they land on .

    A million visitors is no mean feat . So Well Done
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    • There are tons of opportunities when you're getting that volume of traffic. First off, rather than introducing new monetization channels, let's look at what you're doing right now and improve upon that - since many have made great suggestions above when it comes to alternatives.

      I would assume that your eCPMs for your Adsense ads are pretty low, considering your traffic to earnings ratio. This could be due to the placements of the ads, quality of traffic, your site's subject matter, and more. Try playing around with those variables and see if results improve. If not, try affiliate programs, product placements, sponsored posts, basically things that your niche would be more interested in rather than generic, dynamically generated adsense ads.

      Hope this helps!
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    Hey that is an impressing amount of views. I know this is off topic but do you have any tips that I can follow? How did you come so far and what were the difficulties that followed? Things like that. I would really appreciate your help.
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      Originally Posted by Radcliff View Post

      Hey that is an impressing amount of views. I know this is off topic but do you have any tips that I can follow? How did you come so far and what were the difficulties that followed? Things like that. I would really appreciate your help.
      Well I like to write..so I just kept writing for two years without much thinking about monetisation..then one thing let to another and here I am..
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