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Hey Warriors,

I was wanting to have a web page where I can provide clear instructions on a form and have the information compiled properly...

For example.

1. First Name: (Form to enter name here)
2. Last Name: (Form here)
3. Email: (form here)
4. Question you want to have answered (Form here)
5. Website you want your name linked to in the PDF (form here)

I want this type of form so I can send my list to the page, have them enter the info, answer the questions then compile it all into a PDF and give it away as a bonus to some paid products or a giveaway.

Does anyone know of a service that could do this that isn't too expensive or even free that I could set this up?

I have done this in the past by sending an email but I have the issue of going through 30-40 emails and I always answer them (which burns me out)...good problem to have

So anyhow, if anyone has a suggestion for this I'd appreciate it


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    I don't know of a service for this but it seems like a pretty easy task to undertake. I can set something like this up in php using a database. Do you have wordpress? If so theres a feature in which you can set up an email address to post to... So in answering emails you do a cc to the wp post address and put it up on a page in your blog then save as pdf. I could do this for you at a very reasonable price if interested.

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