YouTube adds five new features to mobile platform

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Youtube is adding five new updates to their mobile platform, aimed at enhancing the experience for mobile users.

ouTube is releasing five great updates for their mobile platform, meaning both iOS and Android apps. These upgrades come in the form of brand-new features, as well as the enhancement of elements already in the app. The changes aim to elevate the viewing experience.

What exactly are these changes? Well, they include improvements to video chapters, a modernized video player, some new gestures, suggested actions, and finally bedtime reminders.

Regarding these new changes, YouTube had this to say:

"With a global community of two billion people on YouTube, we're always looking for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with your favorite videos. Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube, including new updates you can try out starting today"
Now, let's discuss some of these changes!
  • Various adjustments to the YouTube player: Key elements of the video player on mobile have been altered to enhance the user experience. The autoplay toggle switch has been moved to the top so that it' is easier to access and see. The option to enable subtitles on videos has also been moved to the top to allow for better access, and a few other less notable buttons have been reordered. You can see these changes in the image below:

  • Bedtime reminders: A striking new feature added in this update is the bedtime reminders tool. This feature could definitely prove useful in protecting and maintaining the digital health, safety, and well-being of users of the YouTube mobile app. That's because a large portion of users watch in bed at night, and it is surprisingly easy to sink into the abyss of a binge session and lose track of time. This upgrade aims to combat that, problem, so if you're a night owl, it could be worth checking out.

To discover all of these amazing new updates to the YouTube mobile app, feel free to check out the original article!
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  • Google keeps making new changes for your users from time to time which is also correct. With time the need also changes and the change is necessary, otherwise we will be left behind. These changes of YouTube are very appreciated which keeps you connected to yourself. People are also liking this.
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    These updates are phenomenal and obligatory from an evolutionary point of view. Change is the law of nature and we should accept change. Change is the name of development, a step towards new heights, an effort toward solving the issues, a struggle to building relationships with users and winning their trust.
    So highly appreciable features added to mobile platform by Youtube!

    Best Regards
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    Interesting stuff (I'm hoping they update their live functionality soon haha)
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    Nice stuff... Thanks for sharing this information
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    Interesting Stuff.......... Thanks for sharing this valuable and wonderful information's...
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  • Anyone noticing how they're also pushing up YouTube Videos in search - as if the Youtube video was a webpage in SERPs
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    You tube is definitely innovating and heading in the right direction for longterm growth .
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    I think that this awesome....... Thanks for sharing this information
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    Thanks for sharing such kind of information.
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    I like the bedtime reminder update because I needed that to put my phone down at night.
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    I noticed they have short clip features just like IG story feature.
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    reminder is fantastic.............I love it
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