.85 cents to 95.00 Dollors.

by saar2222000 9 replies
I dont' know if anybody remembers the post i made three weeks ago my first 0.85 cents that i was thrilled over but the good news is that im now at 95.00 dollors. I didn't see any results for three weeks but its starting to pay off.

Thank you to everybody who kept me motivated thru sharing their experiences. Im glad i trusted everybody when they said "dont give up".

Hard work in internet marketing really does pay off.
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    Where is that link of that post?
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      Yeah...i don't know how to do that. Like i said im new to all of this..lol.
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    It's always great to hear the achievements of fellow internet marketers. Congratulations on your success, hard work and patience will always pay off

    Most people give up just when they're about to have the desired results, but luckily, you are not one of them.

    Keep it up!

    Edit: Solidsnake, here's the first thread:

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    Keep the momentum up Saar! Now that you've made $95 hopefully the next post you make is when you hit $900 (and beyond)!!
    Online marketing, offline marketing and various other things.
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    Congrats Saar!

    Glad to see you stuck with it.

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    Congrats! It is nice to see you had success so quickly, a true inspiration for all the new warriors at the forum.

    Digital Delivery HQ - great products, instant delivery.

    Domains For Sale (make offer): EasyAuctionDeals.com & InstantNicheRiches.com

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    Cheers Saar!! Your first step to get to your goal.
    I hope your "95.00 Dollors" are green...
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      Did you change your strategy or just kept doing the same thing?

      BTW, what did you do?

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        Well the first .85 cents was from adsense. Im still only at 3.00 DOLLARS(yes i cant spell for crap) with adsense. But i have worked my butt off with my credit card site and managed to have two poeple sign up and i got 80.00 dollars from just one card. I know my site is nothing more than a credit card mall and google hates them so i will never rank but ive posted links every where possible. It's just a start. Soon on to blogs and clickbank products and so forth and build my empire.
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