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A new article on Marketing Land discusses how to make a strong first impression in a new marketing role, as many professionals find themselves switching jobs and companies due to the havoc caused by COVID-19.

The tips on how to start a marketing job the right way include:
  • Analyze what the competition is up to:

    Lacy Surber, the Vice-President of customer experience at Hyperlocology, had this to say regarding marketer competition:

    "[When you start a new position] immediately look at three or four big initiatives. Make sure the initiatives are nimble enough, and see how they could be done better. This always means looking at the end-to-end customer experience and immediately identifying better ways to communicate with customers."
    Before commencing work at your new job, it's vital you undertake proper research on competitor companies in the industry, particularly on their strengths and weaknesses in customer experience.

    Surber's closing advice:

    "When you start a new position look for situations that have created long-term customer success and build upon that. Start with reviewing data and taking a close look at national campaigns and seeing what is working."
  • Adjust advertising methods in accordance with budget:

    The economic destruction caused by COVID-19 means the marketing departments of brands have to work with significantly smaller budgets going into 2021. A new marketing executive is responsible for researching prior budgeting decisions.

    Ashley Small, founder and CEO of Medley Inc, a PR and digital marketing agency, commented on what newly hired marketing execs should do when they arrive at a new company:

    "Look at what has worked in the past years and in today's new environment don't be afraid to rethink the way you see traditional budgets. You might want to eliminate billboard ads since there has been a dramatic decrease in auto traffic, and you will also want to take a hard look at the value you are getting from print advertising. Leverage digital ads, but more than just the big four of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter."

    Online advertising is shaping up to be a great route for marketing. For instance, Pinterest sees 86% of its female user base, utilize the platform for retail purchases.

You can find more amazing tips in the original article!
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    These are great tips . Research and testing is very important .The advice you gave give here is very strategic and enlightening.
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    Any advice on getting that first entry-level digital marketing job?
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    This is amazing tips. Firstly if we get the internship that would be great. Sometimes it happens that we join some company, and at that moment we got a lot of projects related to SEO, SMO or SEM. We don't know how to start.

    The internship would give you a better chance to learn new things.
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