The repurposing of an internal digital ad solution for client use

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Marketing Land reveals that forced innovation has resulted in the invention of a whole new process, products, and platforms. Digital Remedy recently launched its AdReady+ platform, targeted at independent marketing agencies.

In the beginning, AdReady+ served as Digital Remedy's internal platform, but the company turned around the transformation to an external branded tool in just 75 days, at the request of clients. David Zapletal is Chief Innovation Officer with the company:

"We have a massive service of data pools that advertising companies and marketers can tap into. We wanted to make an internal planning process for our clients that is more intelligent, more efficient and with a higher level of functionality and better reporting. Now an agency can log in and in less than three minutes later have a holistic plan based from 20 years of experience of real campaigns, and not hypotheticals or outdated lists. Then marketers receive holistic reporting back in 24 hours from starting their campaign."
Digital Remedy already planned to develop a campaign management tool for external use, but then clients forced a hastening if those plans. Ad Ready+ offers automated requests for proposals, campaign planning, media outreach and media buying. Tiffany Coletti Kaiser is EVP of Marketing:

"Not every marketer is in the same situation due to their industry. Some rely on foot traffic, and others are completely reliant on e-commerce. Within 24 hours [of starting a campaign] you can start receiving real-time reporting, and we know in this new world that every second counts."
AdReady+ lets marketers report detailed information to C-suite and company executives and provides reporting tools like charts and tables. Tiffany Coletti Kaiser adds:

"All of these resources combined allows users to put together proposals faster than they ever could have imagined before. Agencies do not have to worry about research and compilation; the stack does the work."
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